Another mixture of photos this week. Can you help with the identification, players, date, venues, events?

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Photo 1

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Photo 2

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Photo 3

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Photo 4

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Photo 5

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Photo 6

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On the left are Stephen and Adrian Moore. Help needed with the other two names.

We had a brilliant response last week from many varied sources which led to a full complement of names plus some additional information. Many thanks to all who have sent in details.

As usual I can be contacted on [email protected]. All information is very much appreciated. A reminder that all previous weeks’ photos can be found under ‘About’ and then ‘From the Archives’ on the Table Tennis England website.

Responses from September 25

Photo 1 – Peter Marshall



Photo 2 – Cris Sladden


Essex and England Junior, played in European Youth Championships circa 1992/93. I met Cris at the first Grand Prix I worked at in Bournemouth, February 2001, he was exceedingly helpful and courteous. I wouldn’t have recognised him from this photo though.


Photo 3 – Ben Johnson, Berkshire



Photo 4 – Ryan Savill, Essex


Top 5 England Junior Boy around 1993.


Photo 5 – Judith Walker


Yorkshire – from Sheffield and if I recall used to play at the YMCA there.


Photo 6 – Rachel Mackriell


Taken at the Crusaders Hall, Wallington.

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