This week we have two photos from the English Schools Table Tennis Association, plus one of four young ladies  with an impressive cup and some very dinky individual trophies.

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Photo 1

Includes John Arnold, Eddie Mitchell, Gail Johns (McCulloch). Can you name the other people along with the occasion, date and venue?

Photo 2

Includes John Arnold and Eddie Mitchell. Who are the others in the photograph and do you know the date, occasion and place?

Photo 3

There is no information about this photograph. Can you help name the players and the gentleman presenting the trophy, along with the occasion, date and venue. One small clue is that the shirt badge has RS on it.

All help is much appreciated. Please contact me on [email protected]

Details of additional identifications on last week’s images are below. On a couple occasions alternative first names and surnames have been given. Any clarification would be welcome.


Photo 1 – Peniel

Players: Vince Avery, David Coleman, Ben Linnecar/Lineker, Samuel/Tim Cleminson.

Coach: Nick Jarvis.

Photo 2 – Irish Boys

Players: Ger Boyle, NPC John O’Donoghue, Damien Lynch, Paul Fitzpatrick, Brian Fitzgerald

Coach: John O’Donoghue.


Photo 3 – Stiga Fellows Cranleigh

Players: Reagan Nettlingham, Jason Sugrue, Stephen Joslin, Stephen Lampkin.

Coach: Skylet Andrew.

Photo 4 – Peniel

Players: Vince Avery, Ben Linnecar/Lineker, David Coleman, Samuel/Tim Cleminson.

Photo 5 – BFL Grove 1

Players: Adam Robertson (centre).

Coach: Barry Robertson.

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Diane Webb
January 16, 2015