Bat and Chat is a social programme designed to allow individuals who already play table tennis a slower version of the game and also welcome those who have not played before. The programme is free to PremierClubs and league, there is a small charge for associate clubs.

Sessions are individual to each organisation but often offer light coaching or facilitation then end with a social tea/coffee and cake.

Through Be TT support, 43 programmes have been delivered. Through our online sign up for marketing and product guidance- there are over 20 clubs signed up engaging anywhere from 8 to over 20 at each session, often with at least 50% being female.

If you are interested in running a Bat and Chat session we have different marketing materials for different audiences as well as guidance on how to run the sessions. Please click here to sign up.

Benefits of the Bat and Chat programme to a club or league:

  • Can be run during the day when the venue would not already be used
  • Boosts club membership and movement into local league
  • More social aspects to the club
  • Potential to engage new volunteers into helping at the club or league
  • Reduces social isolation and in turn improving well being of existing or new members

Top tips to run a great Bat and Chat session:

  • Make it the same time every week
  • Get feedback- they key to getting individuals coming back is giving the players what they want to do in a session
  • Offer a social opportunity after the session
  • Numbers may grow slowly- be patient and advertise in areas where the audience may visit.
  • Make an effort to greet each person or have a designated person to look after anyone who is new
  • Ask individuals in the session to share their thoughts on it to suitable friends or family

There are a few photos below of clubs that are already part of the programme and what impact they have seen from being involved.

Cheslyn Hay Table Tennis Club

Cheslyn Hay deliver a Bat and Chat session in a church. The session attract 20+ regularly, many of which are new to the sport. The individuals at these sessions have seen an impact on their physical well being but also a great social opportunity.

Kirkby Stephen

These sessions have been attracting significantly more women than men and as you can see have a great social aspect as well as playing TT.

Bath Street Marine

Bath Street Marine has only been open since August 2019 and the Bat and Chat programme has flourished in this time. It is currently the most popular programme, involving 60% of their members with an equal split across men and women. The session is offered five times a week, with the most popular days attracting 20-30 over three tables!

Aside from the great attendance, the programme has supported a growth in social life for existing members and newcomers. For the new members, the programme has been a great gateway into playing in local league tennis. The benefits of Table Tennis has been clear both physically and mentally on individuals who have attended the sessions.


This session was nominated for the Bury Sports Awards for the  Community project award due the impact that it has had  on the local community. This session nearly has a 50:50 gender split.