Last week’s photos created quite a lot of interest with sometimes differing views on the players but I have opted for the names which have occurred the most frequently or where local knowledge seems to dominate. Additional or correcting details are always welcome.

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Another varied mixture this week. Can you help fill the gaps?

Please contact me on [email protected] if you can help with any information.

Photo 1

11.12.15 Scan0009

Jan Johns, x, Eileen Shaler, Judy Williams (England International). Who is the missing player, what is the event and date?


Photo 2

11.12.15 Scan0010

I had such wonderful responses when the Men’s RAFC photo was put up a few weeks ago I thought it was the turn of the ladies this week. Can you help with any information about this photo?


Photo 3

11.12.15 Scan0011

Ron Crayden is on the right with a magnificent trophy. Does anyone know what it is for, who the players are and when and where it was taken?


Photo 4

11.12.15 Scan0012

Who is sandwiched between Brian Burn, on the left, and Alan Ransome, on the right? When was it taken and what occasion?


Photo 5

11.12.15 Scan0013

The banner says National League Championship. Can anyone help with any further details of players, date, venue etc.

Responses from December 4, 2015

Photo 1

04-12-15 Scan 1

Mark Werner of Bournemouth, an England Junior?, Phil Bowen, Brian Johns, Richard Priestley, Kevin Beadsley. Possibly taken on the balcony in Pontefract.


Photo 2

04-12-15 Scan 2

England Internationals Jill Hammersley/Parker and Alan Hydes signing contracts with Dunlop.


Photo 3

04-12-15 Scan 3

Southampton League players.

Back Row: Chris Shelter, Keith Summerfield, Andrew Ely, Terry Bruce, Sarah Hammond (Coster), England Cadet International and Hampshire County Champion, Cheryl Buttery, Anne Longland, Jane Whitcher, Phil Brown, Trevor Smith (Bournemouth).

Front Row: Christine Davies (Holes), Don Cartridge, June Williams, Cordie Whitren, Iris Enticott, Pat Warrior, Bennie Bellenie, Pauline Edwards (Holes), Serena Sinanan, Hampshire County and local champion.


Photo 4

04-12-15 Scan 4

Hastings British League players with Scottish International and former CEO Richard Yule (far left), Chris Hancock, Wesley Bush-Harris, Nicky Mason (England International), Simon Cox, Paul Barry, Mike Johns (England International).


Photo 5

04-12-15 Scan 5

Rock U21 International Tournament.

Possibly Colin Wilson, x, Leszek Kucharski (Poland), Douggie Johnson (England International).


Photo 6

04-12-15 Scan 6

No information.

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