Some more photographs from Arthur Clark this week, they again show tournaments based around Essex. A good smattering of players who were or went on to become England internationals and several who are still playing today.

I especially wanted to include a photo of Chris Sladden as I remember him, when he was a little older; at the first Grand Prix I was involved in nearly 20 years ago now. Chris was really kind and helpful to me as chaos, almost, reigned, when the duty manager at the sports centre had overslept and so with an enormous queue of cars and not being able to get into the venue it took a while to get everyone booked in before the normal calm of the tournament was re-established.

6th July 1988. Chelmsford Riverside Sports Centre, Eastern Region Sports meeting. Trevor Brooking, England & West Ham footballer, at a coaching session.
13th November 1988. St Ives Inter-League Tournament. Fellows Cranleigh Cadet Team Winners. Andrew Taylor, Trevor Blackall, Chris Sladden, Linda Radford, Mayor and Mayoress of St Ives.
27th November, 1988. Ashford National League Team Chelmsford at Old Chelmsfordians venue. Joey Kennedy.
27th November, 1988. Ashford National League v Old Chelmsfordians at Chelmsford. Kenny Jackson.
1988. Gainsford Cup Winners, Clycan Sovereigns, Grantham, Helen Stephens, Jane Strawson, Suzanne Airey.
9th April, 1989. Essex Junior Open. Junior Boys Winner Grant Solder presented by Laurie Darnell.
9th April, 1989. Essex Junior Open. Katy Goodall, CGS & JGS Winner, Sally Marling U12GS R-up, CGS R-up, JGS R-up, presented by Laurie Darnell.
4th November, 1989. Kent Junior Open. Cadet Doubles Winners Richard Hyacinth & Chris Sladden.
5th November, 1989. Kent Junior Open. JGS Winner Sara Williams.

In the article two  weeks ago, on June 12, there were a couple of players whose identity was not known, taken at the Commonwealth Championships in 1985 on the Isle of Man. The players have now been named as John Broe of Scotland with his famous backhand, married to England’s Alison Gordon. The second photo is of the Canadian, Horatio Pintea, who played for Ormesby in the National/British League. Thanks to those who helped with the names.

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