1985 was a very successful year for England in the Commonwealth Championships which were held in the Isle of Man.

Team gold in both the team events with squads of Skylet Andrew, Alan Cooke, Desmond Douglas, Carl Prean and Graham Sandley for the men and Lisa Bellinger, Fiona Elliot, Alison Gordon, Jean Parker and Karen Witt for the ladies.

There was gold in three of the individual events with Desmond Douglas in the Men’s Singles, Karen Witt in the Women’s Singles and Desmond Douglas and Alison Gordon in the Mixed Doubles.

Silver went to Alan Cooke in the Men’s Singles and Desmond Douglas and Carl Prean in the Men’s Doubles, while there was bronze for David Wells (Men’s Singles), Lisa Bellinger and Mandy Sainsbury in the Women’s Singles and Lisa Bellinger with Karen Witt and Joanne Shaw with Mandy Sainsbury in the Women’s Doubles.

There were top England officials at the Championships too, with Tony Chatwin as the Referee and Richard Scruton the Deputy Referee plus Doreen Stannard with the charming title of Captain of the Umpires.

The photos are of some of England’s medallists, some officials and several teams. Any identifications of officials or players would be most appreciated. Please email me on [email protected]

All photographs from the Alan and Jose Ransome Collection.

Men’s Singles champion Desmond Douglas
The MS podium with winner Desmond Douglas, runner-up Alan Cooke and semi-finalists David Wells and Lo Chuen Tsung (HKG)
WS winner Karen Witt, runner-up Hui So-Hung (HKG) and semi-finalists Mandy Sainsbury and Lisa Bellinger
The tournament officials
Welsh team. Back row, top left is Nigel Tyler – can you name any of the others?
The Scottish team. Top row, second right, is Richard Yule and far right is David Hannah
The Jersey team
The squad from Guernsey
The Australian squad