A mixture of young and old this week with many thanks to everyone who contacted me last week to supply a whole wealth of details.

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Photo 1

9th World Veterans Championships 1998

Two lady champions at the World Veterans Championships, Manchester, 1998. Who are they and what have they won?


Photo 2

x, Gemma Schwartz, Sally Marling, x

Woolwich Women’s British League Champions. Centre is Gemma Schwartz and to her right is Sally Marling (both former internationals). Who is the third player and who is presenting the trophy and in what year?


Photo 3

x, Arthur Upton

Arthur Upton (former ETTA Honorary Life Member, Lancashire CTTA Honorary Life Member and Chairman and Liverpool TTL President and Chairman) with a young lady in Liverpool. Can anyone help identify her or when it was taken?


Photo 4

Mike Watts, Jeff Ingber, x. 25.5.2000

Mike Watts (former ETTA Vice-President and National Events Manager), Jeff Ingber (former England international) but who is the third person in the photo which was taken in May 2000?

From April 29

Photo 1

29.04.16 1. Left Jan Johns, x, Eileen Shaler, x.

Left: Jan Johns, Joan Humphrey-Middlemore (Harden/Hewer), Eileen Shaler, Judy Williams (former England international and National Women’s Singles Champion).  Possibly Veterans British League 1998/1999.


Photo 2

29.04.16 2. Kubrat Owolabi left.

Left is Kubrat Owolabi (former England international), Sanja Kabelka (Clements), Claire Plumridge, Sara Williams.


Photo 3

29.04.16 3. Gail Johns, Nick Jarvis, Pat Archdale, John Blackband

The photograph was taken at the International School Sport Federation (ISF) World Schools’ Table Tennis Championships in Israel in April 1995 at the Gala Dinner.

The photograph shows:

  • Standing L to R – John Blackband (Head of Delegation), Dennis Worrell (Boys’ National Team NPC), Bob Wood (ESTTA Treasurer/NPC Isle of Man Boys’ Team).
  • Seated L to R – Freda Worrell, Pat Blackband, Pat Archdale (Umpire), Nicky Jarvis (Girls’ School Team NPC), Gail Johns (Girls’ National Team NPC).

This was probably the most successful ISF event for ESTTA with the following results:

  • Boys’ Nationally Selected Team – 3rd place
  • Girls’ Nationally Selected Team – 3rd place
  • Boys’ School Team (Bedford Modern School) – 7th place
  • Girls’ School Team (Peniel Academy) – 3rd place


Photo 4

29.04.16 4.

Left to right: Edison Hornsey team of Scott Friday, Gareth Herbert (former England international), Christian Thompson. 1997 Woolwich Junior British League Premier Division Champions at Kettering Leisure Village.

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