Today Table Tennis England launches the Disability Table Grant Scheme to help more disabled people get into table tennis.

The benefits of table tennis on health and wellbeing are well established, and disability projects involving the sport have had some very positive results. This was certainly the case when South West Autism and Active Devon introduced table tennis to young people on the autistic spectrum

The initiative gives the opportunity to organisations or charities which work with people with disabilities or impairments to purchase a table tennis table at a subsidised rate, with prices starting from £160. Sport England is providing the funding for the scheme.

Table Tennis England is passionate about creating more playing opportunities for people with disabilities and impairments and in May this year signed up to the English Federation for Disability Sport (EFDS) Charter for Change.

The Disability Table Grant Scheme feeds into Table Tennis England’s target to increase the number of disabled people regularly participating to 25,600 by 2017, as set out in the Mission 2025 document.

It works on an application basis. Applicants should work with over-16s. Please note, replacement of worn tables is not covered by the scheme.

Click here to download the application form

Each successful application also receives a resource pack including 10 bats, 12 balls, a ladder board and knockout cup posters. Delivery and installation is included.

For more information on the scheme, please contact Development Project Support Officer Michaela Clark on [email protected] or 01908 208883. If you wish to contact us by text, please contact the Clubs and Disability Manager Steve McFadyen on 07909 523724.