Hugo Ursell is one of Table Tennis England’s Young Ambassadors. Here, Hugo speaks about his recent involvement in National Table Tennis Day:

I enjoyed doing stuff for National table tennis day this week. It is good as it helps get young people interested in the sport. I started by going and asking the head of PE at my school, St Georges about how good it could be and he was happy to support me. In the end 85 people played it with lots of fun matches. It was fun and enjoyable and some have said they will join the local club.

My dad works at a local school, Laleham Gap, which is for children with autistic spectrum and speech and language disorders. He ran Staff v Pupils in both Secondary (88 matches) and Primary (39 matches) and these are now annual events for trophies.

After school I cycled down to a local Café, Cliffs(that has a table in their basement), where I had got them to run a tournament all day. Any customer could play the owner and whoever beat him by the most would win a £20 voucher. I played 3 people there at the end of the session, all of whom took a leaflet for the local club.

I did a press release and it has been in the local online paper and is meant to be in the other local paper next week. The Café put it on their facebook page and lots of people liked it.

Overall it was a good and successful day. Looking forward to next year!