Wish you could play table tennis anytime, anywhere? Well, now you can with the new, cool exciting version of the game – Table Tennis X (TTX)!

TTX is the new, cool, exciting version of table tennis that is set to revolutionise the sport by breaking down the barriers and connecting aspiring players from all across the globe.

The new TTX app lets users learn the rules, play with buddies, organise tournaments, find tables, join and climb up the global leaderboard, and more.

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TTX is described as “fun, cool and edgy” and can be played anywhere there is a table.

With a bigger and heavier ball to suit outdoor play and simplified rackets with less spin, the big feature of TTX is timed matches – it comprises three two-minute sets instead of first to 11 points.

There are also special “winners” and “wild cards” which enable players to score more points.

The ITTF believes the new timed format will amplify the excitement of conventional table tennis by reducing the skills gap between participants and increasing the variety and unpredictability of gameplay.

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