Single Competition Licence

Who is it for?

A Single Competition Licence is a one-time extension of the Player Membership that is valid for a single competition. It allows Player Membership holders a single use to compete in ANY 2* or above national tournament and expires thereafter. It can be purchased on the day of a tournament upon presenting a valid Player Membership card.

Please note that if you do not hold an existing membership or you have a Associate Membership then you will need to purchase a Player Membership before you are able to purchase a Single Competition Licence.

If you wish to enter a several tournaments that require a License it might be beneficial to purchase a Player Licence.

How long does the membership last?

A Single Competition Licence will last for one competition only.


Seniors: £10.00
(Aged 18+)

Cadets / Juniors: £5.00
(Aged under 18)

How do I purchase a Single Competition Licence?

A Single Competition Licence can be purchased on the day of the tournament by presenting your valid Player Membership card to the official registration desk and completing the Single Competition Licence form.

Payment is usually made in cash by the player to the tournament registration desk and the tournament organiser will transfer this through to Table Tennis England upon competition of the tournament.