Frequently Asked Questions

What is my membership fee spent on?
Your membership benefits not only you as an individual table tennis player, but helps support our the game by contributing to the development of our sport at all levels in England. The majority of affiliation fees go towards reinvestment into Table Tennis England events for players; the provision of insurance cover, child protection, coach development, and support and development for table tennis at all levels; from grassroots juniors, cadets and seniors through to international matches.

Why should I purchase a membership?
You should purchase a membership if you want to play in licenced tournaments as this way your results are included in our monthly ratings and ranking tables. This allows you to chart your progress and development and also be placed in correct seedings in tournaments. In addition, by purchasing a membership you will receive all of the benefits and entitlements that are listed in each membership category.

What happens if I play without a membership?
If you try to compete without a membership tournament orgainsers and league managers may refuse entry to the tournament and affiliated leagues. Competition organisers have access to view the current status of membership records based on players unique membership numbers.

Can I purchase a temporary membership?
At present Table Tennis England do not offer any temporary membership packages.

I play in multiple leagues, do I need to purchase multiple memberships?
No. Your membership is valid for all leagues and tournaments across the country.

What fees are required if I usually play in Scotland or Wales but wish to occasionally play in England?
In most instances, affiliated members of Home Nations are able to play competitive table tennis in England on a Player Membership basis. If they wish to complete in national tournaments 2* or above then they will need to purchase a Single Competition License. However some tournaments and the British League will waive license fees for Home Country players all together. Please check with the tournament organiser before you confirm attendance.

Who will have access to my membership information?
Table Tennis England are the only organisation with permanent access to your information. When you register with a league or tournament, the organiser will also gain access to your information saved. This is to ensure that you hold a valid membership and that they are able to contact or identify you in case of emergency. No one else is given access to your data without your prior permission.

Will my information be secure?
Yes. The website is hosted on a dedicated professional server and all communication between your browser and the server is done using HTTPS a 128 bit encryption; the same security used by online
banks and stores like PC world and Tesco.

Do you save my card details?
No. We use Sage Pay to process your online payment. We do not store or even hold your credit card details on our servers, even temporarily.

Why do you need my date of birth?
We use your date of birth to establish your age, so that we can ensure the correct fee levels are paid. We also use your date of birth to allow us to track the age profile of our membership and ensure that you are listed correctly in the monthly ranking and rating lists. In future, we may want to offer specific member benefits to specific age groups.

Why do you ask for my ethnicity and disability status?
This is optional information, but we are asked to collect this data as part of our funding arrangements. This is so that Sport England (in particular) can analyse the diverse nature of thepeople who participate in sport – and in our case table tennis.

What is the procedure if an accident has occurred or a player or the club needs to make a claim?
Please refer to guidelines in the summary of cover. The Towergate Insurance Claims team can be contacted on 01926 439439 or [email protected]