Coaches are advised that whilst none of the proposed changes to the Laws were accepted at the 2016 ITTF AGM, there are still changes to the Regulations for International Competitions.

The main changes which affect coaches are as follows:

  1. If pimpled or sandwich rubber is used as to cover a side of the racket blade, it must be of a type currently authorised by the ITTF, whether or not that side of the blade is used for striking.  However, a penholder player can still cover the non-striking side of the racket with material such as cork, or leave it uncovered.
  2. If a small camera or microphone is attached to the net assembly it will be regarded as part of the net assembly.
  3. At present players may receive advice only during the intervals between games or during an authorised suspension of play.  But from 1st October 2016 they will be allowed to receive advice at any time except during rallies, provided this does not delay the progress of play.  If it does, the adviser will first be warned, and then sent away from the playing area if the offence is repeated.

These Regulations apply to national competitions such as British League and County Championships and to open tournaments.

For a full list of rules and regulations, please read the 2016 ITTF Handbook.