What does a 1st4sport L1 qualify me to do?

The qualification will provide learners with the necessary skills to be able to plan and deliver basic table tennis coaching activities/sessions.

How is the qualification delivered?

The 1st4sport L1 consists of 3 separate days spread over approximately an 8 week period. Learners are expected to complete home study and practical coaching tasks between each day of the course.

Day 1

Welcome and Induction
Introduction to Coaching
Table Tennis Practical
Introduction to Session Planning
Day 1 conclusion

Home study 2-4 weeks

Begin home study tasks

Day 2 – Technical Day

Basic technical skills
Developing anticipation

Home study 2-4 weeks

Completion of home study tasks

Day 3

Re-cap and Evaluation
Development of Coaching
Independent and Internal Assessment

What are the requirements prior to the course?

To achieve a 1st4sport L1 qualification learners must attend the following pre-requisite workshops (or Table Tennis England approved equivalents) prior to certification:

Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop (3 hours)
Essential First Aid course (3/4 hours)

Please note: E-learning courses will not be accepted.

The learner is responsible for locating and registering on a suitable workshop. Please click on the tabs at the side for more information on Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops and Essential First Aid.

Registration requirements

Learners must be 16 years of age or over by the start date of the course to be registered.
Please Note – Coaches must be at least 18 years of age to coach unsupervised.
The 1st4sport L1 Learner Registration Period is 12 months from the start date of the course. Learners must complete all assessment tasks and provide evidence of attending prerequisite workshops within this period.



2014/2015 Level 1 Courses available

When you have found a course you would like to attend, download the application form below and send to the Table Tennis England Coaching Department (address on the form). Please ensure you complete all sections.

Course Application Form

Learners may email or post the form to the Table Tennis England Coaching Department, however please note that Table Tennis England would not advise emailing your credit card details, please either send them by post or call the Coaching & Performance Administrator (01908 208876) to pay by card.