The female coaching bursary has been really successful with 22 Females being supported through their Level 1,2, 3’s. The bursary has provided ongoing support via a Slack Mentoring support group, whereby the females can communicate with one another, and encourage one another along the way to their coaching award.

As part of the bursary, the aim is to promote some of the great work that the females are doing out in the community and clubs. The second female to be promoted is Jasmine Chan from Ellenborough Table Tennis Club and this is some background information about Jasmine and her involvement in table tennis.

1.How did you get involved in Table Tennis?

As I stopped doing ballet, my father took my brother and me to try out table tennis at Ellenborough TTC as it was something both of us could enjoy and play for fun. 12 years later I am still playing the sport I love!

2. What or who encouraged you to take your coaching qualification?

Since taking my Level 1 coaching qualification in 2018, I knew that there was so much more to learn. Taking the Level 2 coaching course will be able to help me develop further as a coach and I will be able to lead sessions at my university with more confidence and skills.

3. What are your areas of strength for being a coach?

I think one of my strengths would be inventiveness, in terms of coming up with a variety of appropriate yet enjoyable exercises to suit different age ranges and abilities of the class. Another strength would be adaptability, as I am able to think of ideas to solve small problems, for example, if there were an odd number of players.

4. Are there areas that you lack confidence and knowledge on?

I am not particularly confident in leading sessions with many players as I am used to only working with numbers up to 8.

5. What do you want to gain from being part of the female bursary mentoring group?

From having all the females who are part of the Female Bursary Mentoring Group alongside our 3 mentors in an online group, I hope to gain tips and other useful information from their experiences. I’ll also be able to find out from the other ladies on their opinions of what exercises and coaching styles are effective or not, and then I will be able to utilise the information.

6. How would you like to be supported once you qualify as a coach?

I would like to be heavily informed of any further steps required to become an official Level 2 coach. I would also like to know about any other schemes for young coaches and players.

7. What is your goal with coaching?

Ever since I was in Year 7, I’ve always wanted to encourage more girls to try out and take up table tennis as it is quite a male-dominated sport and so I would like to continue this. As I am currently the Women’s Captain and a member of the Loughborough University Table Tennis Club, it is my goal to increase interest and player development from being an active member and volunteer coach.

8. What do you think would encourage more females to play, coach and be part of table tennis?

Having friendly female faces and representatives to welcome newcomers to table tennis clubs will be a huge motivator. I think that in general, table tennis could be promoted further and be part of more school, university and leisure centre sports schemes.

Thanks to Jasmine for providing this information and good luck in your coaching!


























Promoting the table tennis club at Loughborough University’s Sports Bazaar