Division 1

Horsham Spinners A dominated in Division 1, with both Zach Hodges & Sam Watts winning 10/10 and Ollie Michell winning 6/10.

In second place after Day 1 is Brighton City A, who are eight points behind the leaders, but they are only one point clear of third-placed South Croydon A. Brighton City B only won one point, although their No 1 Tom Nguyen lost a lot of close matches and so the team will be relegated to Division 2 for Day 2.

Division 2

Graham Spicer B won all five of their matches to win Division 2 and were four points clear of runners-up Darenth A and so will be promoted to Division 1 for Day 2.

Justin Lam, the No 2 for Spicers B won 10/10 and so will be the No 1 on the team next time. Brighton City C finished sixth and so will be relegated to Division 3 for Day 2.

Division 3

South Croydon C were the Champions of Division 3 on Day 1, just three points ahead of second-placed Horsham Spinners D, so Croydon C will be in Division 2 for Day 2. Their No 1 Ben Hanson excelled to win 19/9 in his NCL debut.

Freddie Marchant of Spinners D also impressed with 8/9 also playing in his first day of NCL. He will move up to Horsham Spinners C next time. Guildford B only picked up two points on the day and so will find themselves in Division 4 for Day 2.

Division 4

Graham Spicer C was the most dominant team in the league on Day 1, with three of their four players maintaining a 100% average. Daniel Clark & Lucy Adams both won 9/9 & Zaid Syed won 6/6. They will be promoted to Division 3 for Day 2. In second place in Division 4 was Brighton City D, seven points behind.