It’s all about the umpires and referees this week.

Photo 1 (Copyright – John Fairweather)

The English Open, Birmingham, 1992. Who is on the left? Others are Tony Chatwin, Doug Young, Stuart Sherlock, Richard Scruton and Colin Clemett.

Photo 2 – (Copyright AM Ross)

ETTA Conference for Referees, 31st March 1974 at Halifax Hall, Sheffield University. Familiar faces include – Front: George White, Colin Clemett, Middle: Tom Blunn, Doug Young, Doreen Stannard, Top: John Wright, Mike Watts.

Can you fill in the missing names?

Photo 3

A group of umpires, occasion and venue unknown. In the back row there is Harry Spraggs, Jack Melnick and Margot Fraser. Can you assist with the other umpires and also the location, date and event?

Photo 4

Marked as being taken in 1991. Known faces include Brian Watkins, David Edwards, Alan Harwood, George Tyler, Harry Spraggs, Doug Young. Do you know when and where it was taken and the occasion as well as the missing names?

Photo 5

No information as to the date, venue or tournament. Recognised faces: John Lawton, Margot Fraser, Brian Watkins, Tony Chatwin, Alan Harwood, Liz Wilson, Harry Spraggs, George Tyler, Richard Waters, Malcolm Allsop. Can you help fill the blanks?

Contact Diane Webb at [email protected] with any information.


Friday Photos September 5 – results

A tremendous number of responses again this week by email, phone and VETTS Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has supplied information about players, venues, event and also additional information on ELCC winners in past years. A special thank you this week to Jan Johns who has provided 14 additional photographs of Wolverhampton’s winning J M Rose Bowl teams. This will be a valuable asset to the Photo Library.

Photo 1

The names of the players were known but the date has been confirmed as 8th June 1975, at Belper. The photograph was on the front cover of Table Tennis News in the October 1975 edition.

Photo 2

The unknown player has been identified as Tracey Spencer. This 1999 winning team comprised Jan Dunning (Mrs Johns), Tracey Spencer, Sandra Roden and Jill Harris.

Photo 3

This J M Rose Bowl winning team photo of Judy Williams, Karenza Mathews and Diane Court was taken in May/June 1971, the first year that Coca-Cola were the sponsors, hence their Managing Director making the presentation. At the time the ladies were England ranked 2, 3 and 8 respectively. All three were England Internationals.

Karenza Mathews – reached England No 1 and won 231 senior caps. Karenza played in five World Championships, her most successful year was 1967 when she reached the quarter-finals of the Women’s Doubles with Mary Wright and the Mixed Doubles with Denis Neale.

Karenza was a bronze medallist in the team event at the European Championships in 1970 and won team gold in the Commonwealth Championships in 1971, 1973 and 1975. She won the Women’s Doubles with Pauline Piddock in 1971 and Mixed Doubles in 1973 with Denis Neale. The English Open saw titles in the Women’s Doubles in 1970 with Mary Wright, Junior Girls’ Doubles in 1965 with Diane Simpson and team event in 1971.

In the National Championships Karenza won the Women’s Singles in 1971 and 1972, the Women’s Doubles with Mary Wright in 1966, 1967 and 1970, with Jill Hammersley in 1971 and 1972, with Linda Howard in 1973 and 1974 and with Carole Knight in 1975. There were Mixed Doubles triumphs with two partners – Denis Neale in 1968, 1969, 1972 and 1974 and with Chester Barnes in 1971.

Judy Williams – an England International who later also played for the Netherlands. Like Karenza, Judy is a National Champion, winning the Women’s Singles in 1969. The following year Judy travelled to Moscow to take part in the European Championships, as a private entrant. She reached the round of 16 with Shelagh Hession in the Women’s Doubles. Other successes include a Quadrangular Team Gold medal, quarter-finalist in the English Open in 1962 in the Women’s Singles and Junior Girls’ Doubles champion with Mary Shannon in 1961.

Diane Simpson – won several medals at National Championships in the 1960s and 1970s. Diane was runner-up in the Women’s Doubles in 1969, 1970, 1972 and 1974 all with Lesley Radford (Bell) and runner-up in the Mixed Doubles in 1972 with Mike Johns. At the English Open, Diane became Junior Girls’ champion in 1965 with Karenza Mathews (then Karenza Smith), she also reached the quarter-finals in the Women’s Doubles with Elsie Carrington in 1967 and with Lesley Radford (Bell) in 1970, 1972 and 1974.

Photo 4

Slough League’s winning Leach Cup (Cadet Boys) – Tom Mitchell, Bradley Evans and David Hayes. 12/13 June 1999.

Photo 5

“Possibly the greatest day in the history of Cippenham Table Tennis Club. The Cippenham coaching scheme supplied all 12 players that participated in the finals of the League Cup and Hammersley Cup”.  Graham Trimming.

This National Team Finals shot of 12/13 June 1999 shows – front row: Chris Hansell, Hannah Stone, Bradley Evans, David Hayes; middle row: Helen Smith, Emma Human, Tom Mitchell; top row: Francesca Parnell, Gemma Chapman, Jo Parker (now Drinkhall), Stuart Tweedy, Warren Brooks.

Gemma Chapman represented England at Junior level, Bradley Evans at Cadet and Junior levels, Jo Parker at Cadet, Junior and Senior levels, whilst David Hayes represented Ireland at Cadet, Junior and Senior level.

Photo 6

West Middlesex winners of the Wilmott Cup in 1999. Team members Marco Essomba, Jason Sugrue and Danny Fesehatsion.

Diane Webb
September 12, 2014