This week there is a slightly different theme. I have had passed to me a selection of cloth and pin badges from relatives of the late Elsie and Jack Carrington. There are three different England badges, one in green with an ‘O’ behind the three leopards and two with red leopards, one of which has a ‘C’ behind.

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Does anyone know the history of the different colours and what the ‘O’ and ‘C’ stand for? Could the ‘C’ be for coach or captain?

I have also included the three star coach’s badge, a scheme which Jack introduced, and a rather nice cloth badge for the Europe Cup, the precursor to the European League, I believe.

Finally, there is one metal badge in pale blue. Does anyone know what event this badge was made for?

I can be contacted on [email protected] and all information is much appreciated. A reminder that all previous weeks’ photos can be found under ‘About’ and then ‘From the Archives’.

Many thanks to everyone who has provided information over the last couple of weeks including those from different parts of Europe.

Badge 1. Green Leopards



Badge 2. Red Leopards



Badge 3. Red Leopards with ‘C’ behind



Badge 4. ETTA Europe Cup Badge



Badge 5. ETTA 3* Coach Badge



Photo 6. ETTA Host 8 Badge


Responses from September 11, 2015.

Photos taken at Lilleshall at the first Premier Club and Coaching Conference in 2001/02 which was organised by Diccon Gray, Peter Hirst and Judy Rogers.

Photo 1. Jane Barella.

11-09-15 img539


Photo 2. Keith Wilson.

11-09-15 img540


Photo 3. John Kaufman, London Progress TTC.

11-09-15 img541


Photo 4. Peter Avenell, Stowmarket TTC. Stalwart of the Burnham TTC in Slough and Maidenhead Leagues. A top division player and an officer of the Slough League, including Deputy Chairman.

11-09-15 img542


Photo 5. Mike Randles, William Shrewsbury Primary School, Burton on Trent.

11-09-15 img543


Photo 6. Unknown. Compton Sports College TTC.

11-09-15 img544


Photo 7. Steve Burge, Northfield School, Billingham.

11-09-15 img545


Photo 8. Unknown.

11-09-15 img546


Photo 9. Colin French, Waterside TTC.

11-09-15 img547


Additional Responses from September 4, 2015.


Photo 1. Third from the right Pal Guttormsen from Norway.

04-09-15 img522


Photo 3. Martin Shuttle.

04-09-15 img524


Photo 4. Angela Mitchell. Middlesex and England.

04-09-15 img525


Photo 5. European Youth Championships, 1970. Thornaby Pavilion. Simon Heaps of Cheshire and England with Pal Guttormsen from Kent and Norway. Simon was the winner of the Cadet event and Pal the runner-up. Nice to hear that Pal is going strong and recently played in the Copenhagen Veterans’ Open.

04-09-15 img526

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