This week, as we celebrate our 50th edition of Friday Photos, it seems fitting to show several photos from a presentation evening. Can anyone tell us when and where the pictures were taken?

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Some of those receiving certificates and awards from Alan Ransome are known but can you help fill the gaps?

You can click on any of the pictures to view in close-up.

Photo 1 Jane Barella

11-09-15 img539


Photo 2 Keith Wilson

11-09-15 img540


Photo 3 Jon Kaufman

11-09-15 img541


Photos 4-9 are all unknown.

Photo 4

11-09-15 img542


Photo 5

11-09-15 img543


Photo 6

11-09-15 img544


Photo 7

11-09-15 img545


Photo 8

11-09-15 img546


Photo 9

11-09-15 img547
As usual, responses to me at [email protected]

We have had a few amendments and additions to Friday Photos from August 28:

Photo 1 is not Natasha Williams of Wales, playing with the wrong hand.



Photo 3 is Helen Bardwell (Newbound/Amos).



Photo 4 Possibly Cheryl Buttery


Identifications from September 4:

Photo 1 – Brixton, John McNee of Cheshire, Fuller, Clark, Southcott, Guttormsen, Starlie, Atkin.

04-09-15 img522


Photo 5- Simon Heaps of Cheshire on the top of the rostrum.

04-09-15 img526

Still no information for pictures 2, 3, 4, 6 or 7 – click here to view the article and let me know if you can help.

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