I visited Liverpool University last week to do some research and cataloguing of the material held there and came across some more old photographs, a selection of which are below.

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There is no indication of who or where the pictures were taken but the first is marked 1969 and the second 1970. The third and fourth pictures look as if they were taken from the same event, similarly the last three were taken by C Darley but when, where and who is in the pictures needs identifying. Can you help?

I can be contacted on [email protected] and all information is much appreciated.

Photo 1 (taken in 1969)

04-09-15 img522


Photo 2 (taken in 1970)

04-09-15 img523


Photo 3 (no information)

04-09-15 img524


Photo 4 (no information, taken at the same event as Photo 3)

04-09-15 img525


Photo 5 (initials on the one shirt are SH and on the other either PG or PC)

04-09-15 img526


Photos 6 and 7 (taken at the same event as Photo 5 by C Darley of Pontefract, Yorkshire)

04-09-15 img527

04-09-15 img528

Information for the photographs from August 28, 2015.

Photo 1 – Natasha Williams (Wales)



Photo 2 – Sara Williams (Middlesex)



Photo 3 – No information



Photo 4- No information



Photo 5 – Claudine Wilson of Guestling TTC, Sussex



Photo 6 – Susan Richmond, now Mrs Alan Cooke



Photo 7 – Nicola Deaton?


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