For the month of August I thought I would share some photos from the archives where we do know who the players are. Below are images of all the English world champions.

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Richard Bergmann is included as he was playing for England at the time of the victory mentioned, similarly with Victor Barna and Dora Beregi. Their other World Championship triumphs are not noted as English victories.

Men’s Singles

Fred Perry 1928/29

Richard Bergmann 1938/39, 1947/48, 1949/50

Johnny Leach 1948/49, 1950/51

Men’s Doubles

Victor Barna/Richard Bergmann 1938/39

Women’s Doubles

Peggy Franks/Vera Thomas (Dace) 1947/48

Dora Beregi/ Helen Elliot (Scotland) 1949/50

Diane Rowe/Rosalind Rowe 1950/51, 1953/54

Mixed Doubles

Wendy Woodhead/Laszlo Bellak (Hungary)


Swaythling Cup (Men’s Team)

Richard Bergmann, Brian Kennedy, Johnny Leach, Aubrey Simons, Adrian Haydon (NPC) 1952/53

Corbillon Cup (Women’s Team)

Elizabeth Blackbourn, Vera Dace (Thomas), Peggy Franks, Margaret Knott (Osborne) (NPC) 1946/47

Dora Beregi, Peggy Franks, Elizabeth (Betty) Steventon, Vera Thomas (Dace), Margaret Knott (Osborne) (NPC) 1947/48

Some remarkable achievements from the golden days of English table tennis. Although many of the names are well known as can be seen the ladies, overall, achieved more success. The only gap is in the Women’s Singles, where England have never won the title despite reaching three finals. Elizabeth Blackbourn (1946/47), Vera Thomas (Dace) (1947/48) and Ann Haydon (Jones) 1956/57 all ended as runners-up.

If anyone has any photos of international or national interest I would be delighted to hear from you. I can be contacted on [email protected]

Next week I will catch up with some additional information I have given on some of the photographs during the series.

Information from last week’s pictures.

I have received many emails this week. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to contact me. However,  a special thank you to Denis Chatelain, President of Amiens Sport Table Tennis Club for the identification of the two French players in Photo 1.


Photo 1

Jose Ransome, Alison Gordon (Broe), Jill Parker, Laurence Saunot (Fra), Patricia Aubry (Fra), Joanna Jablon (Mx), Wendy Cunningham (Leeds Building Society)

Photo 2

Shirley Carruthers (Hartlepool), x, Helen Bardwell (Amos), Teresa Bennett (Moore), Wendy Cunningham from the Leeds Building Society who were the major sponsors.

Photo 3

Dated 1989.

No information.

Photo 4

Dated October 1992.

Janet Smith (Sco),  x, Jill Harris, x.

Photo 5

Dated October 1992.

Sara Willimas (Mx), Lesley Radford (E), Elaine Sayer (E).

Photo 6

Dated October 1992.

Gemma Schwartz, Dawn Barnett, Anna Watton.

Enjoy your summer and a big thank you for all the emails and information that I have received over the last few months. The response has been absolutely amazing. Back in September.

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