This week the photos are all from the Women’s British League. Dot Macfarlane did a wonderful job collecting material for the 25-year anniversary of the WBL last year and has passed it on to the Archives Committee for safe keeping.

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Although the majority of the photos are named there are a few gaps – can you help fill them? Names, dates, venues?

Photo 1

All unknown.

Photo 2

Who are the players with Ian Marshall?

Photo 3

One of my regular correspondents, Linda March (Radford) is on the right and I believe it is Sally Marling on the left but who is the third player?

Photo 4

Pavilion Ladies with Pauline Steel on the far left; can you name the other players?

Photo 5

x, Sanja Kabelka (Clements), Claire Plumridge, Kubrat Owolabi, Alan Ransome.

Photo 6

Emma Rose is on the right, can you help with the other two names?

Photo 7

Connie Moran looks as if she is the coach, can you name the players?

Photos 7 and 8

Can you name the people in these presentation photos?

As usual any comments to me at Diane Webb at [email protected]

Responses from 19th June 2015

Photo 1

Barry Wilson, John Sell, Peter Taylor, Trevor Taylor. Photo Taken at the Wisbech Restricted Open on 7th March, 1970. Alan Hydes beat Trevor Taylor in the Men’s Singles final whilst Peter Taylor was Runner-up in the Junior Boys Singles, losing to Alan Fletcher.

Photos 2-6

These are the eight finalists, boys and girls, in the Under 13 Singles Championships held at Redditch Youth Centre, Worcestershire on 5th June 1971. 98 boys and 58 girls had taken part in eight regional qualifying rounds.

The final placings were:

1. Paul Day (Isle of Ely)
2. Gary Hamilton (Bletchley)
3. Malcolm Green (Cheltenham)
4. Martyn Day (Stockton-on-Tees)
5. Mark Mitchell (Hertford)
6. Maxwell Crimmins (Sutton)
7. Andrew Allars (Crawley)
8. Michael Howarth (Chesterfield)

1. Julie Kelly (Barking)
2. Caroline Reeves (Newbury)
3. Emma Swan (Cambridge)
4. Gail Round (Wolverhampton)
5. Angela Palmer (Middlesex Schools)
6. Jill Gavin (Worthing ) (substitute for Linda Wales)
7. Melody Ludi (Braford)
8. Heather Jane (Liverpool)

Many thanks to those who contacted me and gave information which led to being able to identify the event and names of all players through an article in Table Tennis News, November 1971. Although several positive identifications of players have been made and through deduction others are known there are still one or two outstanding names which need matching to the faces.

Photo 2

Gary Hamilton, Martyn Day, Malcolm Green, Paul Day.

Photo 3

Mark Mitchell, Andrew Allars, Michael Howarth, Maxwell Crimmins.

Photo 4

On the left is Heather (also known as Gail) Round, while Julie Kelly is far right. The others are Caroline Reeves and Emma Swan.

Photo 5

Melody Ludi is third from the left, other players are Angela Palmer, Jill Gavin and Heather Jane.

Photo 6

Julie Kelly, champion, being presented with her medal and trophy by George Yates, ETTA Honorary Life Member and former Deputy Chairman.

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Diane Webb
June 26, 2015