This week there is a miscellany of pictures from various eras.

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Photo 1

A group of Devon County players but taken by the Bedfordshire Times. Players, date and event unknown.

Photo 2

A wonderful old photograph taken in Liverpool with a Hungarian Touring, team but can anyone identify the players and occasion?

Player 3

Two players at a News of the World Competition. Players, date and venue need identifying.

Photo 4

Photo taken by Fareham Photographic Studio. Can you name players, event and date?

Photo 5

Taken at the South of England Junior 4* Tournament in 1990. Can anyone name the people in the picture and venue?

If you can respond either by email to [email protected] or directly on the TTE website. All responses much appreciated.

All players in last week’s photographs have all been identified. Many thanks for all those who have taken the time to give identifications. The event is possibly/probably the first year of the Grand Prix series.

Photo 1 – Lisbeth Poulson (Sweden)

Photo 2 – Mark Donoghue

Photo 3 – Clare Newns (Peers)

Photo 4 – Ben Johnson

Photo 5 – Terry Young (England Senior International)

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Diane Webb
February 5, 2015