I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has contacted me and given information on the series of photographs each week and all those who have said how much they have enjoyed viewing the pictures and taking a trip down memory lane.

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Thanks also to those who have sent in some of their old photographs, these will all be added to TTE Photo Archive Library. I would also like to say a big thank you to Paul Stimpson (Senior Communications Officer), who has supported this project from its initial concept.

This week I thought I would show a selection of photos from the very early years. An interesting look at some of the founders of the game as well as of some very prominent England players from the past.

Photo 1

All England Club v Cambridge University 1928-29. Cambridge Team includes Lord Pollington (with wrist-watch). All England Club Team I Montagu, Frank Wilde (3rd from right), C H Bull (2nd from right).

Photo 2

1933 – England Ladies circa 1933 Margaret Osborne, Dora Emdin, Wendy Woodhead, Marjorie Berry, Connie Brigden, Bromfield. Photo: Planet News

Photo 3

1947 – English Team in Czechoslovakia 1946-47. J Leach, J Carrington, Miss V Dace, G Harrower, Miss Elizabeth Blackbourn, Montagu, Z Zeydusek, R Rumjahn.

Photo 4

Bill Pope and England team, Fred Perry, Frank Wilde, Charles Bull, Percy Bromfield.

Photo 5

Wilde, AE Stillwell, Mrs WH Land, Ivor Montagu, FJ Perry, CH Bull, CG Mase or Rose. Photo: Photopress Johnson’s Court, Fleet Street.

Photo 6

English Open, Wembley. Sheila Smith (Eng) Sharon Koahnke (USA) Rosalind Rowe (Eng) Trudi Pritzi (Austria) Peggy Franks (Eng) Linda Wertl (Austria) Pamela Mortimer (Eng). Photo: Sport and General.

Once again thank you to everyone who has passed on information last week and all the previous weeks. I have had many responses this week and there has been quite a lengthy chain of comment on VETTS Facebook, so thank you VETTS for circulating the photos amongst your members.

I’ll be back in the New Year with more pictures. In the meantime enjoy your Christmas break and my best wishes to you all for 2015.

Photo 1

People: Back: Graham Sandley, David Tan, Nigel Tyler, John Kitchener

Front: Colin Wilson, Lloyd Lewis, Mark Mitchell

Occasion: National League Champions – Ellenborough.

Date: 1981?

Photo 2

People: Colin Wilson, Lloyd Lewis, David Hope, Graham Sandley, Mayor of Enfield – Ruth Winston, Mark Mitchell, Ron Bright (Director of Thorn EMI sponsors), John Kitchener, David Tan, Nigel Tyler. All players in photos 1 and 2 were England Senior Internationals apart from Nigel Tyler who was Welsh No 1 and David Tan who played abroad as a professional in Belgium.

Occasion: National League Champions – Ellenborough.

Date: 1983?

Pen Pictures


Colin Wilson: An England International who made his England debut at the Commonwealth Championships in Edinburgh in 1979. The team won a silver medal and Colin was a runner-up with Jimmy Walker in the Men’s Doubles and quarter-finalist with Carole Knight in the Mixed Doubles.

At the National Championships Colin reached the quarter-finals in the Men’s Singles in 1985, was runner-up in the Men’s Doubles in 1985 and 1987 with John Souter and semi-finalist with Gemma Schwartz in 1995 in the Mixed Doubles.

Colin is now a member of the Board.

Graham Sandley: see week 7

Mark Mitchell: An England International who played in the English Open in 1974. Mark reached the semi-finals in the Men’s Singles in 1979 at the National Championships, also the semi-finals that year in the Men’s Doubles with Graham Sandley and again with Graham in 1980. In the Mixed Doubles Mark had two semi-final positions – in 1978 with Angela Tierney and 1979 with Karen Rogers.

John Kitchener: An England International who reached the last 16 in the 1977 Commonwealth Championships. John played in several English Open Championships in the 1970s, with his biggest success coming in 1976 when with Donald Parker he reached the quarter-finals in the Men’s Doubles.

At the National Championships, John was a quarter-finalist in the Men’s Singles in 1975, a semi-finalist in the Men’s Doubles in 1977 and quarter-finalist in 1975, 1976, 1978 and 1982, all with David Tan, and a semi-finalist in the Mixed Doubles in 1978 with Karen Rogers (Smith).

Photo 3


Players: Suzanne Hunt (Airey), Linda Holmes, x, Belinda Chamberlain, Angela Tierney, Angela Mitchell, Janet New, Julie Black.

Occasion: unknown.

Date: unknown.

Pen Pictures


Suzanne Hunt (Airey): see week 1

Angela Tierney: see week 13


Angela Mitchell: An England International who played in the Commonwealth Championships in 1977, reaching the quarter-finals of the Women’s Singles. Angela was also a quarter-finalist in the Women’s Doubles with Suzanne Hunt. Angela played in several English Open Championships between 1974 and 1982. With Melody Ludi she reached the quarter-finals of the Women’s Doubles in 1976 and was also a quarter-finalist in the team event in 1980 with Karen Rogers (Smith) and 1976 with Melody Ludi.

At the National Championships Angela was a semi-finalist in the Women’s Singles in 1980. In the Women’s Doubles Angela reached the semi-finals in 1977 (Karen Witt), 1978 (Angela Tierney) and 1979 (Helen Williams). A similar stage was reached in the Mixed Doubles in 1975 with Andy Barden.

At U21 level Angela achieved success, winning both the U21 Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles in 1979.

All previous week’s pictures and information can be found on TTE website under ‘Our Sport’. Any additional information is always welcome and I can be contacted directly on [email protected]

My best wishes to you all for a very Happy Christmas and I look forward to hearing from you next year.

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Diane Webb
December 19, 2014