At the recent National Council meeting a proposal for the future of the licensing & registration scheme for table tennis was discussed. A number of issues were included within the proposal and in order for the sport to have time for further consultation/discussion and for National Council to vote on any future change the current Bridging deadline of 1st January 2013 has been extended/postponed.

The new deadline for coaches to complete the UKCC Level 2 Bridging course is now the 14th November 2013 which coincides with the end of the new licence period. This means the following:

• Coaches with an ETTA coaching qualification have until 14th November 2013 to register and complete the UKCC L2 Bridging course
• Coaches with an ETTA coaching qualification can still get an ETTA Coach Licence for the 2012/13 licence period (application forms are being mailed/sent out)

If you have any queries regarding any of the above or the implications of it please contact the coaching department.