A new Saturday morning monthly social league was recently set up in Bolton by Bolton TTC and Hilton TTC coming together as part of Table Tennis England’s new BeTT programme, to help support local leagues and clubs in providing more opportunities for people to have a Better Experience at playing Table Tennis in an environment that they are comfortable in and want to play in.

The first Hilton Social League proved to be an enjoyable occasion for all who attended. Players of various playing abilities attended, 3 females (including 1 junior) and eight males (including 3 juniors). After a short induction session players were allowed a warm up time, after which players were placed into three groups with each player in the  group playing competitive matches against each other with players umpiring in turn.

Players were helped throughout the session by Table Tennis England approved coaches, John Barker, Geoff Hall and Brian Young. Fiona Barker helped with the running of the event and Rosemary Young provided tea, coffee and toast as required.

There were positive comments being received throughout the day from all the competitors which is something the clubs can now build on going forwards for next months competition.