An excellent weekend’s table tennis was on show at Byng Hall, Tunbridge Wells for the counties of Kent and Sussex in the South East competition.

Numbers were up overall on last year despite the girl’s entries being lower, resulting in only one event being run.

Finalists for the National Championships at The Dome, Doncaster on 31st May/1st June are as follows:
U11 Boys
1.    Liam Smith (K)
2.    William McCarthy (K)
3.    Julio Key (K)
4.    Mahmood Kelani (K)

U11 boys: Julio Key, Mahmood Kelani, Liam Smith, William McCarthy

U12 Boys
1.    Ryan Darwen (Sx)
2.    William McCarthy (K)
3.    Timothy Walters (K)
4.    William Michell (Sx)

U12 boys: Timothy Walters, William Michell, William McCarty, Ryan Darwen

U13 Boys
1.    Ryan Darwen (Sx)
2.    Hammad Ansari (K)
3.    Bertrand Siu (Sx)
4.    Ellis Crockford (Sx)

U13 boys: Hammad Ansari, Ellis Crockford, Bertrand Siu, Ryan Darwen

U14 Boys
1.    Ben Foster (K)
2.    George Hazell (Sx)
3.    Reiss Vydelingum (K)
4.    Marcus Bracey (Sx)

U14 boys: Ben Foster, George Hazell, Marcus Bracey, Reiss Vydelingum

U11 Girls
1.    Isabel Webb (K)

U12 Girls
1.    Scarlett O’Neil (K)
2.    Lois Perryman (K)
3.    Joelle Bennett (Sx)

U11 and U12 girls: Scarlett O'Neil, Joelle Bennett, Isabel Webb, Lois Perryman

U13 Girls
1.    Alice Hazell (Sx)
2.    Evie Quiroga (Sx)
3.    Amelia Long (Sx)
4.    Lois Perryman (K)

U14 Girls
1.    Alice Hazell (Sx)
2.    Ruth Marsden (K)
3.    Katie Hood (Sx)
4.    Amelia Long (Sx)

Thanks go to Gary Howe and his team at Byng Hall and to Neil Curtis, the tournament organiser, for helping make it an enjoyable and smoothly run tournament.

Diane Webb (Referee), 8th April 2014