In a thrilling finish, Group A of the Leicester Table Tennis League’s Elbow Tankard came down to the very last match with any one of three different match results possible, each having an effect on the final standings.

Nomads, with an almost assured semi-final spot, were powerless to affect the outcome, while Vicars hosted Villagers knowing they had to win 12-8 or better to top the group.

Any lesser result would mean they finished third and out of the semi-final reckoning, while putting Park Rangers through.

In the event, Vicars won 13-7, putting in a strong finish with Shabnam Ahmed in top form, winning all four of her singles as well as gaining 3-1 in the doubles. Very good support came from Raju Rahul and Tosh Singh, both of whom won three out of six. For Villagers, Alex Mason won three out of six.

Group B was already decided – with the two Knighton Park teams through to the semi-finals.

Group A
13  Vicars (93-67).
11  Nomads (92-66).
11  Park Rangers (90-70).
3   Villagers (71-89).
2   Park Strollers (54-106).

Group B
15  Park Attendants (106-54).
13  Park Keepers (100-60).
8   Bishops (77-83).
2   Desford Dynamos (61-99).
2   Electric City (56-104).

In the semi-finals, Vicars will face Park Keepers, while Park Attendants take on Nomads.

Andy Searle of Nomads was the highest rated player in the final averages, winning 25 of his 30 games.

Top Six:
Andy Searle (Nomads) P30 W25 83%.
George McClurkin (P Keepers) 34-28-82.
John Bowness (P Attendants) 42-33-79.
Jack Mooney (P Keepers) 24-17-71
Patrick Cox (P Attendants) 46-32-70
Martin Pember (P Rangers) 28-19-68

By John Bowness
September 1, 2014