The day began with the Speaker of the London Borough of Hackney, Sade Etti, cutting the ribbon, and even finding time to take part in a quick game, stating that “I really enjoy playing Ping Pong and this table is fantastic for bringing all the elements of being ‘part of team’ together by way of sport. Anyone can play, just pick up a bat.”

Liz May, Founder of Pink Pong said “We wanted a table that could really draw in the crowds – and this certainly does that. Its round shape makes it so much more inviting than a traditional table tennis table. T3 3-a-side table tennis is such a fun game to play and the great thing is, anyone can take part. After the Hackney Half Marathon, it will be included in the opening of the Ping London’s 2016 Summer Campaign at the end of June, which is excellent news!”

Hackney 4

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Councillor Soraya Adejare also stopped by to have a game. “As someone living with a brain tumour and a father diagnosed with cancer of the colon last year, it was an immense pleasure to come along and support the work you are doing, and I was honoured to be one of the first to have a game. Reading about the table sparked my curiosity and I was not let down. The whole premise behind it is inspiring and, with inclusivity at its heart, it is sure to draw attention as it travels the country. I found it addictive and, surprised myself spending over an hour T3 Pink Ponging with Hackney residents, young and old. This is testament to the fact that this really is an activity anyone can participate in.”

T3’s Founder Digi Berry said “We’ve received such fantastic comments from so many people throughout the day.  Adults who haven’t played since their schooldays to children who have never picked up a bat, all now playing together and helping raise funds and awareness for such a good cause – today was a very sunny day indeed!’

The table goes on tour and will make its next appearance at London Revolution on 14th May, Edinburgh Marathon, 28th-29th May and it will also take centre stage at the opening of this year’s 2016 Ping London in June.

What is T3?

T3 Ping Pong is three or six-a-side table tennis. It follows similar rules to the traditional game, but it is played on a circular table with three or six players on each team. The distinctive circular design and specially constructed net are the foundations of a game which offers a greater range of shots increasing the scope for some spectacular rallies.

Launched in 2013, this unique British made and designed product, is being described as the biggest game changer in over 100 years of table tennis! And it’s obvious why!

T3 ping pong also caught the attention of the International sports community at ISPO in January, where it was awarded ‘FINALIST’ in the ISPO 2016/17 Brand New Awards held in Munich, Germany.

“We first met Liz of PINK PONG last year at the World Championships of Ping Pong when she approached us about making a pink T3! I could see it straight away, as could my 5 year old daughter who now wants to know why all our tables aren’t pink! The end result is even better and it features all the table tennis stars who support Pink Pong and Cancer Research UK.’

Digi Berry, Director, T3 Ping Pong

T3 Support Cancer Research UK as their Charity of the Year and will be making a donation at the end of the year!

Annabel Coakley of Cancer Research UK said “At Cancer Research UK we hold and support many events each year but rarely do we come across something as unique as 3-a-side ping pong especially on a bright pink table! I think it will be a great addition to our fund rising equipment and we hope lots of people will come along and have a go. 

 We are absolutely delighted that T3 have decided to support Cancer Research UK and are extremely grateful for their kind donation!  Although we have come a long way in the fight against cancer in the past 40 years there is still so much to do, and we can’t fund our vital lifesaving research without the generosity and dedication of our supporters and volunteers.’

The game is all about team, fun and inclusivity.

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From the beginning, our mantra has been “Two’s company, three’s a team”. Team spirit is in our DNA. We’re passionate about encouraging as many people as possible, young and old, to get active, to pick up a bat, and play together as a team. Players of all abilities team up alongside one another, enjoying the individual challenges as well as the strategy only a team sport can offer.  T3 is fast becoming the new kid on the ping pong block. It’s faster and fiercer and offers players a wider range of shot directions and lengths than the conventional game, making room for some pretty spectacular rallies.

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