T3 proved that Ping Pong is a sport for all ages by running a fantastic and very popular three a side competition at Hammerson House Care Home! The session was provided by T3’s coaches to a number of residents, who quickly adapted to the challenges of three a side on a circular table.

Hammerson 6

Hammerson House caters to residents over the age of 90, and the social benefit of playing table tennis was clearly evident as players thoroughly enjoyed competing with one another and engendering rivalry across the table. The circular table allowed at least six players to take part at the same time and residents were also able to play from their seats, which meant that they were able to rest and compete for a longer period. T3 also provides a larger table which would have allowed up to 12 residents to take part in the activity.

The table was fantastically well received by the care home and they are already looking forward to the next opportunity to play!

Hammerson 2

T3 Ping Pong

From the beginning, our mantra has been “Two’s company, three’s a team”. Team spirit is in our DNA. We’re passionate about encouraging as many people as possible, young and old, to get active, to pick up a bat, and play together as a team. Players of all abilities team up alongside one another, enjoying the individual challenges as well as the strategy only a team sport can offer.  T3 is fast becoming the new kid on the ping pong block. It’s faster and fiercer and offers players a wider range of shot directions and lengths than the conventional game, making room for some pretty spectacular rallies.

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