A full entry of 24 players contested the inaugural Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners Cadet Banded 1 Star and Circuit tournament on 24th June.

The format was four Bands of six players, three bands in the 1 Star event and one band for the circuit (non-ranking) event. Players who entered the circuit were either too old for the 1 Star, which was for under 15s only, or deemed themselves at too low a level to enter the 1 Star.

All bands were round-robin groups, with all playing all and each player getting five matches. Owen Brown (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC) won the blue riband event, the Band 1.

Band 1

Seeded at 1, Brown did indeed win the Band 1, but he did not win all of this matches. He lost 12-10 in the fifth end to Alejandro Ito-Aramendia (Sy), having won the first two ends comfortably. However in his final match against second ranked Jon-Vai Chung (Sy), to whom he had lost on the previous two occasions, he won in four games. Both Brown and Chung won four matches, but Brown got the gold medal due to their head-to-head match.

Chung defeated Ito-Aramendia in five to secure silver. Both Ito-Aramendia and Angus Norman (Sy) won thrice, but since Norman defeated Ito-Aramendia in four, he finished third.

Zach Hodges (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC) did well to come back from 0-2 down in games to take Norman to the decider, but couldn’t make an impact in the fifth. He did however, defeat team mate Ed Cozens (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC) in straight sets to come fifth.

Band 2

Daniel Broner (He), the second highest ranked player and Ollie Nutting (Sy) ranked fourth, both won four matches in Band 2. Broner overcame Nutting in five games to ensure he won the gold medal and silver therefore went to Nutting.

The rubber which Broner lost was against third ranked Henry Maric-Murray (Sy) and was also in the deciding end. Top seed, Jodie Morris (Sx-Brighton City TTC) and Maric-Murray both won three times, but Morris got third place, as she beat him in four. Fifth place went to Joe Watkins (Ha), who beat Marti Petrov (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC) in straight sets.

Band 3

Sasha O’Halloran (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC) excelled to win all five of her matches from the third ranked position, including beating her sibling rival, step-brother Dylan Ward (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC) 3-1. She beat the top seed, Rocco Martinez-Paoli (Sy) 3-0 and in fact the only other player to nick an end off her was Rylie Leonnard (Arundel TTC).

Martinez-Paoli won his remaining four matches all 3-0 to get the silver medal, while Ward won two matches 3-0 and like O’Halloran beat Leonnard 3-1, to get third place.

Nine-year-old Oscar Wiseman (Sx-Warden Park TTC) won two matches to get fourth place. Leonnard took fifth place by virtue of a 12-10 in the fifth set victory over Josh Slade-Patel (Warden Park TTC).


Top seed Andrew Gifford (TTC) won all of his matches, but was extended to five sets in his opening match by Jayden Leonnard (Arundel TTC). Gifford won his remaining matches comfortably without losing another end.

Leonnard was a dark horse, as he had been seeded last in the group, but having lost to Gifford, continued to win his remaining four matches to get the silver medal. Laura Gifford (TTC) won three matches to finish in third place.

The battle for fourth place between Ben Aylward (Arundel TTC) and Dino Draper (Warden Park TTC) was a close one, with the former emerging triumphant 11-7 in the fifth end. Draper got one win over Henry Barker (Weald School TTC) to finish fifth.

Final Placings

Band 1
1) Owen Brown (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC)
2) Jon-Vai Chung (Sy-Crusaders TTC)
3) Angus Norman (Sy-Crusaders TTC)
4) Alejandro Ito-Aramendia (Sy-South Croydon TTC)
5) Zach Hodges (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC)
6) Ed Cozens (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC)

Band 2
1) Daniel Broner (He)
2) Ollie Nutting (Sy-Graham Spicer TTC)
3) Jodie Morris (Sx-Brighton City TTC)
4) Henry Maric-Murray (Sy-South Croydon TTC)
5) Joe Watkins (Ha-Waterside TTC)
6) Marti Petrov (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC)

Band 3
1) Sasha O’Halloran (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC)
2) Rocco Martinez-Paoli (Sy-South Croydon TTC)
3) Dylan Ward (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC)
4) Oscar Wiseman (Sx-Warden Park TTC)
5) Rylie Leonnard (Sx-Arundel TTC)
6) Josh Slade-Patel (Sx-Warden Park TTC)

1) Andrew Gifford (Sx)
2) Jayden Leonnard (Sx-Arundel TTC)
3) Laura Gifford (Sx)
4) Dino Draper (Sx-Warden Park TTC)
5) Ben Aylward (Sx-Arundel TTC)
6) Henry Barker (Sx-Weald School TTC)