As part of my priority work in Sheffield, I recently visited the Sheffield Council offices at Moorfoot to meet with the council staff, to chat about Table Tennis and to promote how table tennis can link into the Council’s public health strategy of creating a healthy workplace, with Table Tennis proving to be a popular activity with the staff.

At the moment there is currently just the one table, but with partnership work between Table Tennis England and Sheffield City Council, the aim will be to provide the staff with 3 or 4 tables, so that more staff can access and enjoy playing table tennis within the workplace.

I really enjoyed my time with the staff, who showed great enthusiasm and enjoyment for playing table tennis and I was very impressed with the level of play and competitive spirit shown. There was lots of potential shown for workplace  leagues, competitions and social sessions to take place on a regular basis at Moorfoot.


Some of the staff battling it out!

I would like to thank John Doyle, Sheffield City Council’s Director of Business Strategy for inviting me along to the offices and moving forward, I hope we can develop table tennis activity at the Moorfoot offices.