Oxford Cambridge Varsity Teams 2015

In the tradition of many sports, Cambridge hosted the annual varsity table tennis match against Oxford this year at their new sports complex on the outskirts of the city.

The match started well for Cambridge, with a clean sweep for the women 10-0.  Cambridge first team won 7-3, and the second teams ended even at 5-5 giving Cambridge the overall win.

The first match on record was held at Cambridge in 1922 when they were captained by Ivor Montague, who was then studying at Kings.  There are no records after 1923 until 1946 when again Cambridge were the victors.

For the Men’s first team the results stand at 38-30 for Cambridge with 4 draws.  The first match recorded for the women was in 1955 with a win for Oxford and the results stand at 25-13 for Cambridge with 3 draws.  Half Blues were first awarded for men and women at Cambridge in 1955.

If anyone has any information about the men’s matches before WW2 or the women’s matches before 1973 then the current captain Anthony Fox would be pleased to hear from you.

Gerry Cronin

March 18, 2015