Specialist supported housing developer HB Villages has teamed up with Table Tennis England to engage in a new initiative aimed at promoting the sport to people living with disabilities.

Cheshire-based HB Villages, which is rolling out specialised supported housing schemes across the country, for people living with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and enduring mental health issues, will install professional table tennis tables at suitable schemes within it’s growing development portfolio.

This initiative allows organisations working with disabled people to purchase table tennis packages at a heavily discounted rate through subsidised funding from Sport England. Through this they are encouraging clubs to promote table tennis to disabled players and create a more inclusive environment.

HB Villages is the leading provider of bespoke property for specialised supported housing in the UK. Working as part of a joint venture with Morgan Sindall Investments Limited, it is committed to pioneering the development of independent living and delivering suitable accommodation for the tens of thousands of vulnerable adults in the UK.

Alastair Sheehan, Planning Director of HB Villages, which engages closely with commissioners of adult services in local authorities, said:

“Table tennis prides itself on being an all-inclusive sport. It is known to help reduce stress and increase awareness in people living with enduring mental health issues and learning disabilities.

“As an adaptable sport, it only takes minimal changes to the rules, layout and fundamentals of the game for people living with a physical and other disabilities. For example, brighter, larger balls and bats are available for players with visual impairments. Coaching on the table can be delivered in 10 minute bouts, which means it can easily fit into an everyday routine.”

Manchester-based, Andrea Holt, Development Officer for Table Tennis England and former double Olympian, said:
“The Disability Table Grant Scheme, along with Table Tennis England’s Loop packages for workplaces, communities, clubhouses, enables more people to access and play table tennis at an extremely affordable and adaptable way.

“We’re delighted that HB Villages is supporting Table Tennis England by reaching out to more people within the wider community with table tennis.”

“People often think that you need a full- size table to play table tennis and have fun, but this isn’t the case with 3/4 size tables, expandable nets which drop onto any table in your workplace, sports club or living room.”

The tables offered in the Disabled Grant Scheme start from £157.

Table Tennis England is the Governing Body for Table Tennis in England, responsible for representing, coordinating, administering, marketing and developing the sport in close co-operation with related bodies such as the English Schools Table Tennis Association (ESTTA) and the British Table Tennis Association for People with Disabilities (BTTAD).