Boston Squash Racket Club is pleased to announce the opening of a new “turn up and play” table tennis facility for players of all levels in the Boston area.

With funding support from Table Tennis England as part of their “Loop in the Clubhouse” initiative, the club has invested in two league quality tables which will be accessible 24/7 and 365 days a year.

In addition to offering access to table tennis to its existing members the club is keen to encourage table tennis enthusiasts from around the area to make good use of the new facilities.

Club Chairman, Mark Hidred said ” We are really pleased to be able to offer better access to table tennis facilities to players in the Boston area.  Unfortunately tables particularly for the recreational players, are very limited in the area and we felt we could offer an additional activity to our existing members whilst at the same time, hopefully attracting new members to the club.

A squash court is an ideal location for table tennis, sprung flooring, plenty of space with no “hiding place” for the ball, good lighting and tons of headroom for those high recovery lobs!”

The club has agreed an initial “Table Tennis only membership fee of £30 annually.  For this membership table tennis members will be provided with a key fob to access the club 24/7 and 365 days a year.  Beyond the annual membership fee, a token system is in operation, linked to the on court lighting.  Tokens can be brought in advance and in bulk, from the club steward.  One token cost £2.30 and gives 20 minutes of light.

An internal ladders will be run, on going together with monthly mini-leagues, and the club hopes to attract a sufficient critical mass of capable players to consider the creation of a new league standard team to challenge in the local Boston league at some point in the future.

An open evening to launch the table tennis section of the club was held on Friday November 11th.  The evening was well attended by both members and non members with players of all levels given the chance to get some time on one of the new tables.

The highlight of the evening was a demonstration of the game at a very high level from a contingent of players from the Boston league, who spent the evening at the club and very much entered into the spirit of the event, accepting challenges from some of the  new attendees.

If you would like to find out more contact Pete, the club steward directly on 01205 839475.