Jack is in his mid-90s, and lives in a sheltered housing scheme where there is not a socially interactive community, and he had therefore become quite isolated and sedentary in his behaviour.

Jack stated that he found the “Mobile Me” programme a motivator to get him out of his flat, and this was because the programme was able to give him the confidence to be active again.

Early on in the 10-week intervention it became clear that Jack was a keen sportsman in his youth, and used to enjoy playing table tennis on a regular basis. Through the Mobile Me project Jack was able to begin playing table tennis again, which he had stated he thought he would never be able to do.

By leaving Jack with a simple ping set to use on the tables in the communal room at Lincoln House, he is once again playing the sport that he loves on a regular basis, which he is doing by playing against his son twice a week when he visits Jack at Lincoln House.

The impact the programme has had on Jack can be seen by what he stated when he was asked if he had enjoyed the Mobile Me project, he said: “I feel good about myself, as I can play Table Tennis again, and against my son every week. I still think I have the touch.”