Table Tennis was one of five sports to be included in a workplace event at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Liverpool Airport, aimed at promoting fitness in the workplace.

6 teams took part 3 from Healthy Liverpool, 1 from Everton Football, 1 from Mears Care and 1 from Crown Plaza Hotel, each having 20 minutes to try 5 mini competitions in different sports: table tennis, indoor golf, indoor tennis, volleyball and rowing.

The competition for table tennis was the longest rally, with Everton FC the winning team who scored an incredible 1184 strokes. They would have scored more had the 20 minute whistle not blown!

Another competition for each team was the team which had the most fun playing table tennis, the winning team was Mears Care. Each of the winning teams won a prize of an Instant Ping Pong pack.

Steve Rowe

Steve Rowe said, “it was an absolute pleasure to deliver table tennis at this event. It’s always great to see people having fun playing table tennis. The Loop At Work package offered by Table Tennis England is perfect for companies to offer physical activity to their employees. If room is a problem, then companies could also use the Instant Ping Pong sets, on any available table “

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Each employee filled out a form to say which sport they enjoyed most on the day, table tennis was ranked the most enjoyed sport!

Feedback forms stats:

  • 31 people took part, 83% classed as inactive and 25 % new to table tennis.
  • Average satisfaction rating of the table tennis session was a huge 9.50 out of 10.
  • 84 % want to continue playing table tennis as a result of the session and 80% want to continue playing who had not tried table tennis before.

We think that is called a result.