A fitting finale to the Rose Johnson Challenge Bowl, and an excellent indication of just how exciting this unique event can be with just two points separating the teams after 16 games of 21-up.

The winners, The Ladder Boys, are a scratch team made up of players from several clubs who play in the daytime Ladder League.

First four games: As they have done all the way through, The Ladder Boys began strongly. Giving away 48 points overall Charlie Bateman beat Terry Highton 21-11 before Peter Wilson followed up with a 21-12 win over Andy Searle. Nomads Firsts pulled some back when Cliff Smith defeated Tim Cawston 21-16 but the “Boys” secret weapon, the not so secret now Stu Jones, came through an exciting game against Wes Glauds to win 21-14. The Boys had pulled back 21 in the first four games.

Second four games: This pull-back became 40 when Wilson beat Highton 21-10 and then Bateman defeated Glauds 21-13 – only eight points lead for Nomads now. Searle revived Nomads’ chances with a 21-10 over Cawston and then Bateman took a ding-dong against Jones 21-16 so that, at the half way point, Nomads were leading by 22 which is very close to what it should be on handicap.

Third four games: The Boys took three in a row with Cawston beating Highton 21-19, Wilson 21-14 against Glauds – the latter playing extremely well, a Division Five player against a Division Two – and then Jones had a “Stu”pendous 21-9 win over Searle. Smith continued his winning ways to keep his team in it by beating Bateman 21-13.

Final four games:  Nomads were nine up but this became five when Jones beat Highton 21-17, the loser playing well. Cawston defeated Glauds 21-17 so the difference was now only one point to Nomads.

In the penultimate game, Bateman scored a crucial 21-15, leaving Wilson needing just 17 points against Smith to give The Boys the win while the latter needed to win 21-15. In the event Smith won 21-18 but the glory went to The Boys.

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