Perhaps not surprisingly the two group winners have progressed through to the final of the Leicester and District League’s summer team handicap for the Elbow Tankard with the Group B winner, Vicars who play out of Abbots Road, ensuring that Knighton Park did not get two teams into the ultimate match.

Vicars took the lead against Knighton The Town when Vishal Parmar beat Martin Pember 2-0 before the Town fought back with Simon Aldis and then Chris Parmar Saville taking theirs 2-0 against, respectively, Bhulesh Rathod and Chetan Tailor.

Parmar, however, was in top form for Vicars, winning all six of his singles despite giving either 8 or 9 away each time as his team took charge with Tailor also undefeated from that point, winning four from six. Eventually Vicars got home 13-7 with Rathod helping to three doubles successes.

The other semi-final saw KP Nutters off to a start when John Bowness won the first game against Park and Rides’s Oscar White, before the latter made it 1-1. From that point Park and Ride completely swamped their opponents with a total clean sweep of the rest of the singles as Dan Pearson spearheaded to a majestic six from six with consummate ease, while Patrick Cox won his four.

Knighton Park’s precocious young team were completely in charge throughout with Robert Geary and Mike Smith gaining one consolation doubles game for Nutters, but the 18-2 overall success for the juniors said it all.

Two expert teams opposing in the final promises an exciting tussle.