The Leicester and District League’s summer handicap team competition for the Elbow Tankard reached its halfway group stage with two teams currently standing proud of the rest, one in each group.

In Group A, No Parking, one of the Knighton Park teams, has won all three matches mainly thanks to an in-form Andy Searle who until the end of last season played for Nomads in the league but will be moving to Electricity for the coming season. Meantime he is keeping his hand in at Knighton Park during the off season and has won 11 from 12 in the last two matches.

Against The Itinerants he won five in a 13-7 victory with backing from George McClurkin who took four while Dean Jordan grabbed two of his four as well as helping to do the same in the doubles.

Next up was against Abbots All Stars when Searle emerged undefeated in his six games backed by five from Lucky Obi while Jordan won three from four this time in a substantial 16-4 success, the doubles being shared yet again.

Knighton Park’s other team, KP The Bus, lost two matches 11-9 when in the first Vishal Parmar won five from six for Abbotts All Stars to lead the way, Chris Parmar-Saville taking four for The Bus. The Park’s second close defeat came at the hands of The Itinerants with all six of the players pretty well sharing throughout except for the doubles which the latter won 3-1 to shade it overall.

In Group B it is Casualties who have won all three so far, their latest success an 11-9 nailbiter against Electric City. Casualties led 10-8 when, to finish, Wes Glauds lost the first to Chris Webster for Electric to make it 10-9 before Glauds won the fifth of his six successes 21-12 to clinch full points for his team.

Previously, Casualties had beaten Desford Dynamos 15-5 when all three of their players lost just one, Tony Burns and Scott Morris took 5 each while Nick Bishop, the doubles player, won three from four singles.

The other teams in this group are squabbling among themselves with KP Nutters defeating Electric City 13-7 thanks largely to their doubles exponent, Steve Bessant, who won three of his four singles but came away undefeated in the four doubles games to spearhead the win.