The National Junior League at London Academy ended with Moberly B winning the division one gold medal after four days of competition through the season.

Division 1

Day 4 and a fourth different team won Division 1. First it was Harefield A, then Moberly A, then London Academy A and now Moberly B.

As well as winning Day 4, Moberly B (Louis Beesley, Jack Sandler and Brandon Sangchin) also won the overall gold medal when results from Days 1-4 were added up (or averaged out for teams which were not in Division 1 for all four days). They very narrowly defeated London Academy A (Shikhar Pandey, Iggy Kalule and Talia Banin-Reid) into second place in the final tables, who they beat 4-2 on Day 4. Pandey won the individual averages on Day 4 with a spotless 10/10.

Division 2

Division 2 winners RBKC A

RBKC A (Brandon Cann, Shahi Islam, Marco Di Giammarino and Ayyub Jahar) won all of their matches on Day 4 to win the division. Brandon was the outstanding player of the division with a perfect 10. Brighton City B (Jodie Morris, Joe Milne & Farhad Barakzai) were five points behind in second place.

Division 3

Brighton City

Brighton City D (Rio Alvarez, Naqeeb Saide and Finn Holder) were Division 3 champions on Day 4, winning by three points from RBKC D (Samuel Boateng, Samuel Mendoza, Ezana Tedros and Ayyub Jahar) in second place. Dennis Lim (London Academy B) was the best player in this division on the day and won all 10 of his encounters.

Division 4

Tottenham Brunswick B

Twickenham Brunswick B (Arya Lim Amiri, Eamon Collins and Theo Rochester) won this Division on Day 4, with RBKC F (Adam Frost, John Kassis and Russell Abuan) finishing seven points behind in second place. There were no undefeated players in this division, but both Amiri and Collins won an impressive 8/9 matches.

Division 5

London Academy D

Winners London Academy D (Bruno Zheng, George Jackson and Matin Adel) finished five points clear of second placed Brighton City F (Ellesse Trangmar, Adam Booth and Luke Rickett). As with Division 4, no players won all of their matches but again two players, Trangmar and Zheng won 8/9.

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