Active Lives is the survey for measuring sport and activity across England.

Like its predecessor the Active People Survey, it will measure the number of people aged 14 and over taking part in sport.

Over recent months, Sport England’s research experts have been consulting with all of their stakeholders to develop the new survey, which can now be completed both online and by post.

Where the Active People Survey was completed via telephone, Active Lives is an online questionnaire, the respondent can choose when and how they’d like to complete it. The survey works on smartphones and tablets as well as desktops. This flexibility should mean an easier, more convenient way for people to access the survey.

Table Tennis England is one of many NGBs funded by Sport England and in return for funding, we are required to reach participation targets which were previously measured by the Active People Survey and now Active Lives. People invited to take part in the survey are randomly selected and will be notified by post. If you are selected and play our sport, we would really appreciate your time to complete the survey as this goes a great way to ensuring our participation and performance projects are continued to be supported by Sport England.

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