Following Halton Table Tennis Club becoming a Table Tennis England Talent Development Centre the second in a series of tournaments has been held sponsored by Runcorn Rotary. There was a good entry with contingents from North East, Yorkshire and North Wales travelling to the Select Security Stadium Widnes.

As an experiment, Under-21 events was included for the first time, which was popular. The referee was Karen Tonge MBE and the finals were umpired by Jordan Abbott, Jordan McGarry and George McDonnell, County Umpires from Halton TT Club.

This second event was a success for eight members of the Halton Talent Squad with Thomas Naylor and Niamh Scarborough losing in the Under-13 Boys and Girls’ consolation events; Ruby Bennett runner-up in Under-15 Girls’ consolation and James Courtney winning the Under-18 Boys’ consolation

Robyn Cosgrove, Anais O’Connor and Alice Dillon

Robyn Cosgrove won the Under-21 Girls’ main event and was runner-up in the Junior Girls’ event to Alice Dillon of Lancashire. Anais O’Connor won the Junior Girls’ Consolation and was runner-up in the Under-15 Girls’ to Dillon.

The Under-13 Boys’ went with the seeding with Rhys Davies (Formby TTC) beating Adam Szabo (Yorkshire); in the final of the Under-15 boys’ Davies lost out to Kieran Wardell. Harry Watson of Halton narrowly lost in the semi-finals of the Under-15 Boys’ to No 1 seed Wardell (5, -3, 4, -6, 4) and in the Under-18 Boys’ lost to Joshua Harland, again the No 1 seed.

Double winner Samuel Kwan with Ros Gregory

However, Harland lost in the all-Cleveland final to second seed Samuel Kwan. This gave Kwan a double has he started the day winning Under-21 Boys’ against Zac Cantor.

Jordan McGarry (Halton) lost in semi-final of the Under-21s to Cantor (7, 2, 7); both are members of Halton Senior British League teams. Yameen Al-Dahiri from Formby TTC beat Halton’s George McDonnell in the Under-21 Consolation

George McDonnell with Ros Gregory

The next tournament event is the Halton 2* on Sunday February 26. Click here for more information and to download an entry form.

The awards were presented by Ros Gregory, who is President Elect of Runcorn Rotary Club. Derek Pearson, Eddie Gregory and Ken Tonge from Rotary assisted in the running of the event.

On Saturday January 14, Halton Premier Senior British league Team are home to Ormesby Table Tennis Club from the North East.

Halton’s Ruby Bennett and Niamh Scarborough


Under 21 Boys’ Singles
Winner: Samuel Kwan (Cleveland) beat Zac Cantor (Lancashire) 8, 8, -9, 11
Consolation Winner: Yameen Al-Dahiri (Lancashire) beat George McDonnell (Cheshire) -8, 6, 8, 8

Under 21 Girls’ Singles
Winner: Robyn Cosgrove (Cheshire) beat Georgia Harris (Stafford) 5, 6, 6

Junior Boys’ Singles (U18)
Winner: Samuel Kwan (Cleveland) beat Joshua Harland (Cleveland) -13, 12, 11, 4
Consolation Winner: James Courtney (Cheshire) beat Matthew Westworth (Lancashire) 6, -6, 14, 6

Junior Girls’ Singles (U18)
Winner: Alice Dillon (Lancashire) beat Robyn Cosgrove (Cheshire) 2, 7, 5
Consolation Winner: Anais O’Connor (Cheshire) w/o Georgia Harris (Stafford)

Cadet Boys’ Singles (U15)
Winner: Kieran Wardell (Cleveland) beat Rhys Davies (Lancashire) 7, 7, 2
Consolation Winner: Matthew Westworth (Lancashire) beat Rashad Al-Dahiri (Lancashire) 8, 11, -9, 9

Cadet Girls’ Singles (U15)
Winner: Alice Dillon (Lancashire) beat Anais O’Connor (Cheshire) 8, 6, 6
Consolation Winner: Anya Milne (Durham) beat Ruby Bennett (Cheshire) 9, 7, 6

Under 13 Boys’ Singles
Winner: Rhys Davies (Lancashire) beat Adam Szabo (Yorkshire) 7, 7, -7, 6
Consolation Winner: Lennon Maughan (Yorkshire) beat Thomas Naylor (Cheshire) 5, 7, 5

Under 13 Girls’ Singles
Winner: Rebecca Rigg (Cumbria) beat Kate Bates (Cleveland) 9, -8, 6, 5
Consolation Winner: Bethan Ellis (Lancashire) beat Niamh Scarborough 5, -13, 7, 13

Under 11 Boys’ Singles
Winner: Lennon Maughan (Yorkshire) beat Joseph Dennison (Lancashire) 8, 7, 6

Under 11 Girls’ Singles
Winner: Kate Bates (Cleveland) beat Bethan Ellis (Lancashire) 6, 9, -5, 5

Halton’s Thomas Naylor and Lennon Maughan with Ros Gregory