There was a very low entry for the Horsham Spinners TTC Circuit Tournament on April 22, probably due to it being at the end of the Easter holidays. However, the event went ahead with two Bands of seven and eight players.

Band A

Due to a late withdrawal, organiser Rory Scott stepped in to fill the void to make up numbers and played without his long pimples. Charlie Graham-Adams (Horsham Spinners TTC) won all of his matches, including a last gasp 16-14 in the fifth win over Scott in a light-hearted match.

Graham-Adams only conceded one further end in his remaining matches and indeed only allowed seventh-placed Mark Aylward (Arundel TTC) a solitary point in the whole match, when they played.

Scott came second, but passed the silver medal on to third placed Ed Cozens (Horsham Spinners TTC), who won his remaining four matches in straight sets.

Nathan White (Arundel TTC) was fourth, with fifth set victories over both Oli Thorne and Sasha O’Halloran (both from Horsham Spinners). Thorne finished in fifth place and O’Halloran in sixth with a very close win over Aylward.

Band B

The Band B medallists

There was also a late withdrawal in Band B, but Sonny Burgess, who was there with his younger brother Rafe (Slinfold School TTC) took the place of the missing player.

Eight-year-old Oscar Wiseman (Warden Park TTC) impressed the organiser with his technique and ability for someone so young, who has not been playing long. He won all seven of his matches in Band B, only dropping three ends, two to third-placed Rylie Leonnard (Arundel TTC) and one to fourth-placed Ben Aylward (Arundel TTC).

Pairo Lor (Horsham Spinners TTC) excelled to beat everyone else with good wins over both Arundel boys and the only end he lost in his six wins was to Leonnard. Leonnard got third place with five wins, the crucial match being his five-set defeat of Aylward.

Rafe beat his older brother to get fifth place and Sonny came sixth with two wins. Jason Gander (Shelley School TTC) beat club-mate Amber Doughton for seventh place.

Finishing positions

Band A
1) Charlie Graham-Adams (Horsham Spinners TTC)
2) Rory Scott (Horsham Spinners TTC)
3) Ed Cozens (Horsham Spinners TTC)
4) Nathan White (Arundel TTC)
5) Ollie Thorne (Horsham Spinners TTC)
6) Sasha O’Halloran (Horsham Spinners TTC)
7) Mark Aylward (Arundel TTC)

Band B
1) Oscar Wiseman (Warden Park TTC)
2) Pairo Lor (Horsham Spinners TTC)
3) Rylie Leonnard (Arundel TTC)
4) Ben Aylward(Arundel TTC)
5) Rafe Burgess (Slinfold School TTC)
6) Sonny Burgess (Slinfold School TTC)
7) Jason Gander (Shelley School TTC)
8) Amber Doughton (Shelley School TTC)