Sixty six competitors arrived at Bristol Academy of Sport (Wise Campus) including three players who forgot the clocks had changed so were there an hour early.

The original entry had contained 64 men and 7 women due to illness and injury the men were reduced to 59 meaning some of the groups were reduced from the initial 8 players per men’s band. The women were in one band of 7 players.

Men’s Band 1 Winner: Pat Glynn (Wa). Runner-up: Andy Frain (St).
Men’s Band 2 Winner: Liwu Wei (Gs). Runner-up: Chris Price (Av.)
Men’s Band 3 Winner: Neil Hough (St). Runner-up: Miroslaw Sonnenfeld (Sp).
Men’s Band 4 Winner: Den Bromage (WAL). Runner-up: Mark Farrow (WAL).
Men’s Band 5 Winner: Cameron Brealey (Ha.) Runner-up: John Ibbs (St).
Men’s Band 6 Winner: Albert Bolhuis (Wi.) Runner-up: Ian Maggs (Av).
Men’s Band 7 Winner: Andy Prince (Ha). Runner-up: Stephen Smith (So).
Men’s Band 8 Winner: Vincent Court (So). Runner-up: Stephen Doidge (Av).
Women’s Band 1 Winner: Regina Grech (WAL). Runner-up: Michele Reeves (Av).