The second ETTA summer camp took place between Sunday 7th & Thursday 11th August at Lilleshall National Sport Centre in Shropshire.  The 40 players from across the regions, 20 boy and 20 girls, attended the camp and experienced some intensive training organised by the regional coaches.

All the players who attended were invited by their regional coach because of the attitude and work ethic that they have shown over the season in regional sessions.  Sessions were carried out on multi-ball and the robots, consistence & movement and service & return every day.  The players also had the opportunity to work with all of the regional coaches.

At the end of every day different events were organised and the players had the chance to take part in handball, football, rounders and a talent contest.  The winners of the talent contest were James Knudson for singing a Michael Jackson number and Bekki Lycett for playing the piano.

On the final day of the camp a progressive tournament was organised for the players, with the finals being staged for all to watch.

After two very tight finals the winners of the competition were Emily Bolton and Abhijay Mishra.  Throughout the competition everybody fought hard for every point with a good sporting attitude and some fantastic table tennis was played throughout the day.

Congratulations to everybody who attended the camp for a successful and enjoyable week.