The force was with Paul Newbould this week, the Walton C skipper producing his best form of the season with an unbeaten three in his team’s 6-4 victory against Windsor Hawks in Division One of the Clacton & District League, a result which should dispel any lingering relegation worries for the Walton side.

Newbould’s excellent treble included fine wins in four against George Berry and Ian Fielder, and a notable 11-5 in the fifth victory over Andy Vincent.

Graham Buxton won two for Walton and John Rankin one, Buxton beating Fielder 11-5 in the decider in the second match which went the distance. For the Hawks, Vincent took two singles, and Berry one, the pair combining to win the doubles against Buxton and Rankin.

Three wins from Colin Stallwood, two from Martin Hogg, and a Stallwood-Hogg doubles’ success against Gary Young and Gavin Price provided Windsor Condors with a 6-4 victory over Walton A. Young took two for the losers, and Price and Kevin James one each. None of the individual matches in the fixture was extended to a fifth set.

Brotherhood B could only field two players against Nomads Panthers so it was no surprise the League leaders emerged 8-2 victors. Panthers’ skipper John Hatley had two eventful matches, beating John Owen 11-5 in the decider and taking Andy Warner all the way before losing 3-2 (14-16, 13-11, 8-11, 13-11, 7-11). In the night’s clash of the big beasts, James Denyer ended Warner’s 100% record, winning in a comfortable-looking 3-0 (11-9, 11-5, 11-4).

Windsor Eagles beat Walton B 8-2, a result which leap-frogs them over the Walton side in the table. Gary Cattermole and Phil Smith recorded trebles for the winners. Derek Willis and Jason Gale each took a point for the losers.

There was a similar 8-2 scoreline as Brotherhood C proved too good for bottom team Windsor Kestrels, Oli Reynolds and Abhi Peshkar their maximum men. Colin Beaumont made a welcome return for the Kestrels and narrowly failed to pick up a point, losing 12-10 in the fifth to Kevin Pryor. John Harvey and Dave Martin won the losers’ points.

Trebles from Ethan Lloyd and Adam Cuthbert were the basis of Nomads Lions 9-1 victory against Brotherhood D. Jason Lloyd won twice but fell foul of Grant Sharpe who took their individual match in three-straight.

In Division Two a hat-trick from Ollie Rampton was insufficient to stop Nomads Tigers’ march at the top, John Marshall, Daryl Lott and Eric Lemke all winning twice in the Tigers’ 6-4 success. Rampton and Kayley Rodriguez took a tight doubles 11-8 in the fifth against Marshall and Lott.

A Richard Spence maximum was the highlight of Lawford’s 8-2 victory against Walton D. His closest match was against John Long, winning 3-2 (11-6, 11-13, 7-11, 11-3, 11-6). There were a couple each for his team-mates John Colvin and Paul Hewitt whilst Rivhu Khan’s two for Walton included the notable scalp of Hewitt.

It was also 8-2 for Brotherhood I against Windsor Buzzards, the winners taking three of the five matches which went the distance. Paul Alden and Brotherhood reserve Mark Beckham stayed unbeaten whilst Fred Gallone took two, defeating Pete Bloomfield 11-9 in the fifth but going down 12-10 in the fifth to Dan Malinowski. Malinowski was involved in two other tight matches, losing his singles 11-9 in the decider to Beckham but, with Bloomfield, beating Alden and Gallone by the same score in the doubles.

There was a familiar pattern in Walton E’s match, Jared Chelski and Daniel Young taking hat-tricks and combining in the doubles to take all the points in their side’s 7-3 victory over Brotherhood F. Lee Allen, Barry Allen and Sandie Krelle won a point each for the losers, Barry Allen enjoying a good game against Chelski before losing 11-6 in the decider. Krelle only just got the better of Maggie Earle, 11-5 in the fifth.

Lowly Nomads Jaguars will feel pleased with their draw against higher-placed Brotherhood H. Mike Wellum won two, and Andy Cawley and Caroline North one each, with Wellum and Cawley sharing a doubles victory. Cawley had an up-and-down evening, unexpectedly going down 11-6 in the fifth to Tricia Salter but enjoying an excellent three-straight win over Frank Burbidge. But through it all, Brotherhood’s Mark Ratcliffe stood firm and remained unbeaten.

Ferdy Rodriguez was Windsor Harriers’ unbeaten player as his side defeated Brotherhood E 7-3 although he was taken to the wire by Duncan Dunne, 12-10 in the fifth. Dunne with two and Rodney Betts with one took the Brotherhood points. Windsor reserve Robbie Strutt defeated Tony Edmonds in five but just lost out 11-9 in the fifth to Dunne.

In Division Three second-placed Windsor Penguins defeated Nomads Pumas 8-2 in a four-hour marathon, winning all four individual matches which went the distance. Jackie Bunce beat John Bowers 11-7 in the fifth, Debra Found defeated the same player 11-6 in the fifth, Paul Dale beat Lionel Goddard 11-9 in the fifth whilst Bunce and Dale edged the doubles 11-6 in the fifth against Goddard and Dockerill. Bunce was the Penguins’ best player, staying unbeaten, whilst there were two each for Found and Dale. Dockerill won twice for the losers.

Leaders Brotherhood G had an easier task and disposed of a Nomads Leopards’ side fielding a guest 10-0. John Gallagher, Mark Beckham and Graham Healey were the winning side, the closest match being Gallagher’s 3-1 (10-12, 16-14, 11-9, 15-13) victory over Dave Wright.

The Leopards’ week was made no better when they went down a second time, Nomads Lynx winning their encounter 9-1. Liam Harris and Dave Harris took trebles and Cameron Cini two. Stuart Wilkinson took the Leopards’ point whilst Norman Jacobs against Cini, and Roger McNaughton against Dave Harris, both lost in five.

There were two each for Jack Haylett, Chris Simson and Carl Hubbard for Windsor Kites which saw them home 6-4 against Nomads Ocelots although none of them could get the better of an unstoppable Arthur Wells-Garrett. But the match-score could so easily have been reversed, with Dominic Joannou of the Ocelots narrowly going down 11-9 in the decider to both Haylett and Simson.

Nomads Caracals breezed past Windsor Swallows 10-0, only Hazel Blanche’s win in five against Mark Lamb going beyond the regulation three sets. Blanche’s hat-trick was her first in the League for nearly four years.

* The League is organising a Quiz Evening on Saturday 10th March at the Brotherhood Hall, 7pm for a 7.30pm start. The cost is £3 per person for teams of up to six people. Bring your own drink and nibbles. For more details and to book a table contact Viv and Ferdy Rodriguez on 01255 830951. Also, ring Viv and Ferdy if you’re able to donate a raffle prize.


Division 1
Walton C 6 Windsor Hawks 4
Nomads Panthers 8 Brotherhood B 2
Windsor Condors 6 Walton A 4
Windsor Eagles 8 Walton B 2
Brotherhood C 8 Windsor Kestrels 2
Brotherhood D 1 Nomads Lions 9

Division 2
Windsor Magpies 4 Nomads Tigers 6
Brotherhood H 5 Nomads Jaguars 5
Brotherhood E 3 Windsor Harriers 7
Walton D 2 Lawford 8
Windsor Buzzards 2 Brotherhood I 8
Walton E 7 Brotherhood F 3

Division 3
Nomads Caracals 10 Windsor Swallows 0
Nomads Pumas 2 Windsor Penguins 8
Nomads Leopards 0 Brotherhood G 10
Nomads Leopards 1 Nomads Lynx 9
Windsor Kites 6 Nomads Ocelots 4