Members of the Aylesbury Table Tennis League are asking for support for a petition against the closure of the community centre where they play every week.

Aylesbury Vale District Council are selling the Elmhurst Community Centre, and the venue is under threat of closure by the end of September.

The League uses the centre every Friday for coaching and training with the services of the league’s registered coach Atif Kaudri.

It is feared the summer league which has run there for many years, as well as tournaments for Juniors and Cadets, hard bat, handicap competitions, club tournaments and league matches will no longer take place.

The league has been working with the council to fiund a suitable alternative venue with storage facilities, but to no avail so far.

The council remain hopeful they will find a venue, and say the proceeds of the sale will be reinvested in the community. In the meantime, the league has launched an online petition on behalf of all the centre’s users to try to prevent the sale.

If you would like to sign the petition, please visit