This week it is the turn of our European Champions. European events did not start until the late 1950s when the European Championships were first introduced in 1958. Additional events have been continually added since then with the latest being the European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan 2015.  Nearly every event has been won by England at some time, although not quite all. An aim for the future?

Since the World Championships Official Handbook published in 1997 there has been no definitive record kept of European Champions so to find information I have searched through Annual Reports and copies of old Table Tennis News. If there are any omissions I apologise and would be pleased to receive details.

Where possible original images from the event are shown. Where these are not available a picture of the player has been inserted from another time. Any copies of photographs from any of these events would be most welcome. Please contact me on [email protected] if you have any additional information about these events and players.


Men’s Singles

John Hilton (1980)Hilton_John European Champion. Courtesy George Yates.

Women’s Singles

Jill Hammersley (Parker) (1976)Hammersley_Jill European Champion 1976


Women’s Doubles

Diane Rowe/Mary Shannon (1962 & 1964)Shannon-Wright_Mary and Rowe-Scholer_Diane in play in the Ladies Doubles, fifth European TT Champs at the Empire Pool, Wembley. 15 April 1966.

Jill Hammersley/Linda Howard (Jarvis) (1976)Hammersley_Jill and Howard-Linda. Photo Tony Edenden.

Romania Cup – Women’s Team Event

1964 – Lesley Bell (Radford), Irene Ogus, Diane Rowe (Scholer), Mary Shannon (Wright), NPC Ron CraydenBell_Lesley, Ogus_Irene and others


Men’s Singles

Desmond Douglas (1987)Douglas_Des 3.

Women’s Singles

Jill Hammersley (Parker) (1978, 1980, 1981)Parker_Jill (Hammersley), England. Feb 1983. Photo Tony Edenden.

Junior Boys




Junior Boys Singles

Carl Prean (1985)Prean_Carl 2.

Paul Drinkhall (2008)Drinkhall_Paul EYC JBS winner


Junior Boys Doubles

Andy Barden/Paul Day (1976)Yates_George presenting to Barden_Andrew and Day_Paul. Feb 1978. Copyright Allan Batchelor.

Nicky Mason/Carl Prean (1983)Mason_Nicky 3. 

Paul Drinkhall/Darius Knight   (2008)
Drinkhall_Paul & knight_Darius EYC JBD winner



Junior Boys Team

Paul Drinkhall/Darius Knight/David Meads/Danny Reed/NPC Jai Yi Liu (2007)EYC JB Team winners


Junior Girls Doubles

Wendy Bates/Joyce Fielder (1955)Bates_Wendy. Photo Sussex Daily News.Fielder_Joyce.

Lisa Bellinger (Lomas)/Jean Parker (1983)Lomas_LisaParker_Jean receiving medal


Junior Mixed Doubles

Desmond Douglas/Linda Howard (1973)Jarvis_Linda and Douglas_Des at the Norwich Union Championships, Woking, 1980. Presented by John McDonnell. Photo Graham Duncan.

Carl Prean/Csilla Batorfi (Hun) (1985)Prean_Carl and Csilla Batorfi

Paul Drinkhall/Elizabeta Samara (2007 & Kolodyazhnaya (Rus) 2008)The National Championships, Ponds Forge Sheffield 4/3/2011. Paul Drinkhall in action in his Match with David McBeath


Cadet Boys Singles

Simon Heaps (1970)Heaps_Simon

Carl Prean (1982)young Carl Prean

Paul Drinkhall (2005)_DSC3915_filtered.Paul DRinkhall debut

Gavin Evans (2008)Evans_Gavin EYC08-09(H)_GavinEvans_015


Cadet Boys Team

Billy Gleave/Carl Prean/NPC Don Parker (1981)Gleave_Billy, Prean_Carl, Parker_Don EYC 1981

Paul Drinkhall/Gavin Evans/Darius Knight/NPC Jai Yi Liu (2005)IMG_9210.2004-05.Gavin Evans, Darius Knight, Paul Drinkhall, Jai


Diane Webb