Some, relatively, later photos this week from the Women’s British League. A few faces are known but several need identifying. Can you help?

All replies to me at [email protected], with many thanks.

Photo 1 (above)
Jose Ransome, Alison Gordon (Broe), Jill Parker, x, x, x, x,

Photo 2 (above)
x, x, x, Teresa Bennett (Moore), Wendy Cunningham from the Leeds Building Society who were the major sponsors.

Photo 3 (above)
Dated 1989.
Who is presenting the bouquet to Wendy Cunningham?

Photo 4 (above)
Dated October 1992.
x, x, Jill Harris, x.

Photo 5 (above)
Dated October 1992.
x, x, x, x.

Photo 6 (above)
Dated October 1992.
x, x, x.

Responses to Week 17th July 2015

As expected there were not many responses to add to these photos. So, thank you, Colin Clemett for your additional information in Photo 1.

Photo 1 (above)
England v Wales 15th January 1949, Swansea. England won 7-2.
Front Row: x, Nancy Evans (Wales), Joan Crosby (Brock), Molly Jones (Hawkins), x, Audrey Bates (Wales).
Back Row: Roy Evans (Wales), x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, Ron Sharman, Ken Craigie, Eric Filby, x, Ron Crayden.
Welsh players were: M Smith, W Sweetland, Miss Betty Gray, S Jones, Miss Audrey G Bates, J Davies, npc Roy Evans.

Photo 2 (above)
England v Ireland 10th November 1949, Belfast.
England team: Johnny Leach, Peggy Franks, Ron Crayden, Molly Jones, Ronnie Allcock, Wally Poole.

Photo 3 (above)
All England Team v USA World Championships Team 21st February 1949, Cheltenham Town Hall.
Joan Brock (Crosby), Richard Bergmann, Marty Reisman, Thelma Thall, x, Peggy McLean, Molly Jones (Hawkins), Richard Miles.

Photo 4 (above)
Front Row: Molly Jones, x, x, Ivor Eyles, Aubrey Simons, x.
Back Row: none known.

Photo 5 (above)
X, x, x, x, Molly Jones, Victor Barna, Peggy Franks, Johnny Leach, Jack Carrington.

Photo 6 (above)
At the table: Victor Barna, Peggy Franks, Jack Carrington, Johnny Leach – not a bad exhibition match with three World Champions playing!

Photo 7 (above)
Molly Jones receiving a trophy from ?

Photo 8 (above)
Molly with her two medals from the World Veterans Championships, Manchester 1998.

Additional Responses to Week of 10th July 2015
I have received some additional information on two photos from 10th July so again many thanks to Phil Beedon and Graham Frankel both of whom were at the two respective training camps.

Photo 9 (above)
Butlin’s Holiday Camp, Bognor Regis, 1969.
Jack and Elsie Carrington centre, front. Next to Jack is Peter Hirst and Graham is stnding behind Jack (dark hair and glasses).

Photo 12 (above)
Butlin’s Holiday Camp, Skegness.
Coaching camp with Jack and Elsie Carrington, centre, seated. On the far right of the second row it looks like Karenza Smith (Mathews) and on the far left, Lesley Bell (Radford). Brian Hill is sitting directly in front of Elsie and Maurice Billington on her left with Len Howick of North Herts to his left.
Standing behind Elsie is Jackie Canham(Billington) and to her left Rusty Canham.
On the far right, standing, is Bernie Corbe.

If these additional names jog any memories do get in touch.

In addition, I have had passed to me several comments via the VETTS Facebook website. Could I ask if anyone who makes comments on Facebook could also get in touch with me directly

Diane Webb
24th July 2015